What is Disk Cloning?

This can be the simplest form of backing up your data, or for those of you that are more experienced in computer technology can be as complicated as you need it to be. To make a copy of all of your information you simply need suitable disk cloning software such as Acronis. Equipped with this software you simply place it in the CD drive and follow the instructions to make your professional data backup. For new computer users the instructions are intuitive and easy to follow. Yet, experienced users also find disk cloning software of this type very useful as more advanced options are also available, allowing you to choose specific file formats. In fact, reliable software options even let you update the data to a cloned disk as soon as it is added to the original disk, thus keeping data backed up at all times.

Why Back up?

There are a number of reasons you want to clone your hard drive. It's the perfect solution when you are updating your computer and need to make a copy of everything on the current machine you use, but it can also be essential when you have used your PC or laptop for some time, have important data or family pics you want to keep on an external disk somewhere so they won't be lost. Additionally, every time you install a new program or perform an important update, making a clone of your hard drive can give you peace-of-mind. For some reason, knowing that if something goes wrong you can restore everything offers a real calming effect.

How to Use?

Data backu0p cloning software has been around for many years, and companies like Acronis, Norton Ghost and laplink have been a part of the industry from the very beginning. Still, either people fear these procedures, believing them to be too complicated to take-on, or just want to hope for the best, and assume that nothing will ever happen to their data. But statistics show a computer must be changed every few years, which makes cloning software a necessity, unless you just plan on losing all of your data.

Using a drive cloning software program is fairly easy. You can create a bootable CD to save everything including your operating system. Then boot from the CD and run the software to copy the drive. While this is a very efficient way of cloning a drive, it may not be the option for those moving data from one computer to another, or even for those people who aren't expert computer users. An easier option may simply be to install the program and clone the drive by opening the program in Windows and following the instructions.

How to Find the Best Cloning Software?

Just as you shop around for other products, so you should shop for cloning software. The worst thing you can do is to choose any type of software simply because their advertisements drew you in. Look online for reviews by typing in terms such as “best cloning software,” or “cloning software reviews.” Read what companies like Cnet or PCReview have to say. Take your time and read the different features, ease of use, look through the screen-shots to see how the program is laid out for you. Look at Star Ratings for the software you are considering and then make your selection.

Source by Paul Carry