You are probably very familiar with the standard paper jam and how difficult this can be to rectify. The trickier brother is the duplex paper jam. This article helps you to clear paper when it is stuck in the duplex or double sided section and also when an error occurs between the double sided unit and the fuser area.

Location of Jam will either be in the Duplex Unit or between the Duplex Unit and the Fuser area.

When the message(s) Duplex Jam 0 Check Inside and Duplex Jam 1a Check Inside is displayed, follow the steps below when removing paper in either of these areas.

Paper stuck in the Duplex area

When paper is stuck in the double sided area, the message [Duplex Jam 0]a Check Inside will be displayed on the LED panel. If the Duplex section is not inserted correctly, paper jams may occur. Make sure that the duplex unit is inserted correctly.

1. Duplex Jam 0


Pull the Duplex section out of the machine


If the paper is caught in the duplex tray;

• Evenly grip and gently pull the paper out of the Duplex tray.

If no paper jammed in the front exit area proceed to the next step


Look inside the Duplex cavity to see if any paper is jammed within this area.

Grip the paper evenly and gently pull until it is completely removed.

When all jammed paper removed, replace Duplex Unit, reconnect power and resume printing.

2. Duplex Jam 1

When paper jams in this area, the message [Duplex Jam 1]a Check Inside will be displayed on the LED panel.


1. Lower the rear door
2. Fully unfold the black duplex guide.

Evenly grip the paper and gently ease out

When all jammed paper removed, close rear door, reconnect power and resume printing.

Source by Karl Deitz