There are too many people that currently buy Samsung toner cartridges with the belief that they are genuine and what they receive is counterfeit. The huge problem is that it is kind of hard to identify the counterfeit cartridges. Most people use the new cartridges without realizing that they are not originals. In order to help you out, let us think about the various security features that are included and that you should look at. While there is not much that you can do when you buy online, you can still avoid buying counterfeit cartridges the second time.

The Security Label

Every single Genuine Samsung toner cartridge that is shipped will have an embossed, intact security label. The feature that makes it stand out is a color-shifting feature. When you change the viewing angle by 60 degrees, you will notice a change in colors from white to either cyan or blue. Also, “Samsung” is embossed on that label and you can feel that when you touch it. While the security labels changed as years passed, these 2 features still remain.

The Packaging

The packaging used is a clear sign that you are offered a genuine cartridge. You will never have toners from Samsung shipped in plan brown, unmarked or white packaging that is generic. The shipping is done with the use of new and sealed packaging that has a bar code and an individual serial number that is unique for every unit. Never buy from a shop again if the packaging is blank and does not have any sign that it is original.

The Price

It is very important to take into account what price tag you are offered. When you see that the price is too good to be true, you are most likely faced with a counterfeit printer cartridge. Look at the market averages in your country. If the price is too low and the discount is just that high, avoid that deal. While there is absolutely no problem in taking advantage of a discount, when that discount is too high, there is surely a problem. The Samsung toner cartridge might be remanufactured or counterfeit.

The Store That You Buy From

You should never buy from a store that just appeared on the market and that does not have a high reputation. Those stores that have been around for a long time are basically the best choices available because you can see what the customers say about the services that are offered. It is not difficult to find reviews about the stores and if you notice that there are various customers that say they received counterfeit toner cartridges.


You can avoid 99.99% of absolutely all scams on the internet if you take into account the facts that were mentioned above. Try to use your common sense at all times. The great thing about the online world is that there are many options that are available when you want to buy anything. If you see that there are signs that a particular store might sell counterfeit Samsung toner cartridges just look for another one.

Source by Adrian Cruce