With Computer's getting bigger and bigger hard-drives these days, it gets easier and easier for us to upload all of our valuable personal digital photos and family handycam videos onto our hard-drives. The problem being that digital cameras and video handycams are all getting bigger and bigger capacities, which means we still end up filling up our hard-drives just as fast as normal.

We then get into the dilemma of thinking what will I do of something happens to my laptop, or PC. So we start frantically making the effort of copying all of our valuable content to CD's, DVD's and even go out and buy a 500Gb backup storage box.

Doing that is all very well, but what happens if you have a house fire, and all your memories and valuable archives (and backups) are destroyed. To many people this may sound like a remote possibility, but when you ask people that survive a house fire what they managed to retrieve from the fire before escaping, most will say their photos. That's all good, but unfortunately these days most of our photos, and valuable memories are stored digitally on Computer, memory cards, CD's DVD's, etc, and to focus on grabbing these during an emergency can be time consuming when time can be very limited.

That's why many people today, are forgetting about the hassle of having to constantly backup new stuff they've added to the PC's, and they are choosing the do an online pc backup of the whole of their computer's hard-drive. No longer do they need to worry about unforeseen events that can rob them of their precious memories, because the online backups are completed usually every time you change or add something to the computer. So if you're a person who worries about about the safety of the data on your PC, stop the worrying and get your data ‘insured' and readily available to you pretty much whenever (and wherever) you need it

Source by W Tibbotts