Our society now has become fast paced and individuals feel the need to cope up thus the popularity of laptops. These machines allow individuals to carry out their daily tasks even when they are not at home or in the office. Most companies nowadays allow their employees to telecommute or bring their work at home. However, because laptops are mobile, the danger of data loss is higher compared to the desktop pc.

To avoid paying a lot of money and saving yourself from trouble of losing all your important data, backing up your files once a week is recommended. Back up your files using CD-RW or DVD-RW or you can backup your files online.

But if the worse has happened and you have already lost your files because you accidentally dropped your laptop, because of hard drive failure, accidental deletion, virus attacks and corruption, or physical damage from fire or other disasters, I suggest you seek professional help immediately.

Contacting a data recovery service as soon as possible is the most logical thing to do. Trying to recover the data yourself may do more harm than good.

Data recovery services are fast, reliable, and safe. You may research your neighborhood for data recovery service companies that specialize in laptop data recovery.

If you can't find a laptop data recovery company in your local area, you can always search the internet. There are a lot of great companies that offer data retrieval services for laptops and they allow shipping of your laptop to their laboratories and once they have retrieved your data, your laptop and files will be sent back to you.

Generally, data recovery process for a desktop hard drive is rather the same compared to laptops. The only difference is quite obvious; a laptop's hard drive is typically smaller and a bit more difficult to handle. Engineers would have to be more careful because one wrong move may bring all those important data down the drain.

Once you have contacted a data recovery service that would retrieve your files, their engineers or technicians will assist you and ask you a series of questions regarding the problem. You will then have to send your laptop to their laboratories or if you choose to have an on-site service, meaning they will be the ones who will come to your home or office, you could do so but usually for an additional fee. They will then evaluate your laptop's case and suggest what kind of data recovery you will need.

Data recovery service for laptops usually won't cost you anything if the data recovery attempt is not successful. Evaluation of your laptop is also usually free and if they are confident that they can retrieve your data, they will give you a quote on how much you are going to pay.

During urgent situations, these laptop data recovery companies can also do an emergency data retrieval for your laptop. This process usually lasts between 24 to 48 hours.

Data recovery for your laptop can be really expensive. Companies charge depending on how severely damaged your laptop is or how long it will take them to retrieve your files.

However, the amount that you are going to pay them is worthwhile if the data stored in your laptop are important especially if these data are work related.

Source by Tony Roberts