What is Partition Recovery?

Partition Recovery is a significant part of data recovery. If we are using a Window based operating systems then we generally divide the hard disk in to several partitions. The primary partition is used for loading operating system & the other logical partitions are used to store vital data. The benefit of dividing the hard drive into various partitions is that if anything goes wrong with the operating system then it does not affect our data.

Why we need Partition Recovery?

Suppose you have worked overnight, saved all your work and make sure that all the details are correct. Then in the next morning when you switch on your computer you get the error message, “Invalid Partition Table”, “Drive not formatted, Do you want to format now?” error message generally indicates a corrupted partition, deleted partition or damaged partition and can't even boot up your computer system! Fortunately, data on the hard drive still exists, but a wrong response to this error message can damage or delete the existing data.

This can occur due to many reasons including:

  1. Accidental Deletion of Partitions
  2. Virus Attacks
  3. Power Surges
  4. Software installation and Software that parts the hard drive
  5. When your OS cannot access a disk drive and many more

If you have experienced any of the unfortunate reasons of lost partition then you need a specialized Partition Recovery Software and Services to recover your deleted partitions. We at Recover Data provide you with the best technical skills and equipments to recover deleted partitions.

Source by Simran Malhotra