Gone are the days of boring single tones on your mobile phone. Replace your dull monotones with lively polyphonic ringtones that add harmony and texture. So next time when your phone rings, the buzz is filled with colour. Because it's polyphonic !

New-age mobile phones have got reasons for playing multiple ringtones. Advanced mobile technology has given way to play different polyphonic ringtones including MP3 and True tones. Now you can convert your favourite songs into polyphonic sounds. All the latest handsets produced by top-notched manufacturing companies like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola are usually featured with a choice of pre-installed polyphonic ringtones. But you can also download them by accessing Internet directly from your device. The newer your handset, the better the audio quality of your ringtones. Besides, higher quality ringtones like MP3 sounds are compatible only with power-packed mobile phones.

Spice up your hi-tech lifestyle by accessing a wide variety options for getting polyphonic sounds in your handset. To make your polyphonic ringtones cost-effective, you can visit your mobile phone manufacturer and inquire about your phone's compatibility with polyphonic ringtones. Browse the Web to download your favourite songs. Some websites may offer you free polyphonic ringtones. Coming-of-age mobile phones feature advanced softwares like ringtone converter enabling you to create ringtones out of your playlists. Or rather go for the best option. You can compose ringtones of your own using ringtone composer included in your mobile phone.

Polyphonic ringtones are now standard in almost all mobile phones. The polyphonic ringtone supported handsets feature Polyphonic Wizard which enables you to add new polyphonic tones in your device even without any connectivity. What's more, you can also add your pictures to your ringtones. High speed wireless connectivity in your mobile phone allows you to share ringtones with your friends.Play polyphonic sounds on your device and enjoy the rhythmic harmony.

Source by Gian Bryan