A revolution in learning technology has taken place. Actually, it took place a few years ago, and I'm only just now catching up. The reason is that no one connected the dots for me, and I guess I'm a bit slow.

That's the value added I'm giving you here today. I'm connecting the dots for you, in case you haven't yet made the connection.

MP3 players have become huge business. The most popular of these, of course, is the iPod, but you can find many other brands with lots of different features to select from.

They mainly get used for entertainment purposes – listening to music on the go, hearing podcasts by your favorite artists, and so forth.

But the real revolution for upwardly mobile people is in having portable education that you can take with you most anywhere.

I got, as a birthday gift, Creative's MuVo TX FM. If you get this one, and if you have ears anything like mine, be prepared to spend another $10 to get a decent set of headphones, because the ones that come with it physically hurt my ears. Not permanently – just a bit of temporary pain. And since I'm not into avoidable pain, I went to my local Radio Shack and got their “Three-In-One” package – which includes 3 sets of headphones for, like I said, about $10.

OK – so having an MP3 player is “dot” number 1.

“Dot” number 2 is that you can find huge numbers of MP3 audio files for instruction on almost anything. And you can download these files to your computer. And from your computer, you can transfer these files to your MP3 player.

For example, from one of the membership sites I in which I participate, there is an mp3 file of an interview of Brian Keith Voiles, an acknowledged master copywriter. I've had that file on my computer for ages. Never got around to listening to it.

Now it's on my little MuVo and I've started listening while – well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go to…

“Dot” number 3 is that you can get an adaptor (I got mine, again from Radio Shack) to let you play these audio files in your car over your stereo speakers.


Now as I drive around doing errands, I can absorb in the convenience of my car, wihtout breaking any laws, information from copywriting experts or from self-help coaches, and more.

I spend a fair amount of time in the car, so this really increases my productivity.

But we're not done yet…

“Dot” #4 – My little MuVo enables me to go to bed, and continue listening as I drift off into the Land of Nod… without disturbing my wife!

I can walk around the house, go work out, and all kinds of other sundry things – and continue learning.

Finally – the unit I bought also enables me to record ideas on the fly and play them back. I haven't fully tested this yet, so I'm not sure about the audio quality – is it suitable for playing to you on my website? I'll be experimenting and report back to you.

The MuVo that I got costs about $149 plus whatever tax and shipping applies. Add the new headphones (a must, I'm sad to say) and the car adaptor, and you're looking at a total expenditure of about $180.

That may seem like a fair amount of money, but if you spend a lot of time doing mentally deadening things like driving around doing errands or working out while the gym plays the latest in so-called music so that you can't think – well, this may be an incredible value.

I can recommend the MuVo (depsite the headphones), but shop around. Lots of folks vouch for the iPod. And others for something called Zen. You'll find lots of options, including price. Something is bound to work for you.

And once you have it – watch out. You're brain may just explode with the new wealth of information you'll be painlessly absorbing.


Source by Bal Simon