Nikon Cameras are popular for their excellent lens quality which facilitates great pictures. One of it's most sort-after cameras is the Nikon D90. Images taken on these cameras often get damaged or lost. Sometimes it is just the media on which it is stored that gets damaged. However, some of these images might just be deleted by you accidentally. The situation is worse when you unknowingly delete the files permanently. In such cases, if you have a back-up, it is easy to perform Image Recovery. However, in the event that you do not have a back-up or it is inaccessible, you can use an Image Recovery Software to recoup your lost data.

Many photographers would have come across a situation when their new Nikon D90 images get deleted accidentally. They may have just uploaded the pictures onto the system and then without their knowledge the pictures get deleted. This mostly happens to amateur and first-time users.


Although the situation might baffle the new user, the causes are very simple:
* Pressing “Shift+DEL” is the most common cause of this problem.
* Emptying the recycle-bin is the second most common cause for this.
* Resetting the application being used to edit your pictures. This could also lead to permanent photo loss.
* If an application using the images hangs, the pictures could get deleted.


At this point you may think there is no way out of this sticky situation. The truth is there is a way of recovering lost image files. If you have a back-up, you can use them to retrieve your data. But if for some reason there is no copy of the data, you can use an Image Recovery Software to perform Digital Image Recovery.

These are specifically designed tools to scan the hard disk where the image was originally stored and then salvage all pictures from there. It works on the principle that when a file has been deleted from the system, the file system (where all the system data is stored) only marks the files as deleted and marks the space being used by them as unused. These files can be recovered unless they have been overwritten.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an Image Recovery Software which recovers lost or deleted files from almost all storage devices-memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc. The tool supports Nikon file formats (NEF and Intel) and since it is a read-only tool, it doesn't damage the files during the recovery process.

Source by Simpson Raid