Samsung laser printers fall within the lower price ranges of the market, but that doesn't always mean that they lack in terms of quality and features. There are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to purchasing from this brand, which proves that you can save some money and still get a durable printer that delivers high quality, clear prints.

Samsung Advantages: The biggest advantage to purchasing a Samsung printer is that they are very affordable. The brand offers many models selling well under the $500 price point, with many of those selling for $200 or less. These models are a mix of basic black and white printers and multi-functioning machines with color capability.

Multi-function laser printers are extremely popular right now because they conserve space in the office or home and make working more efficient.

Some of the best rated Samsung laser printers by consumers are those designed to be compact, space saving units. For instance, the ML-1630 Monochrome Samsung laser printer has been very well received by consumers for its attractive, sleek black appearance and small, portable frame. It doesn't take up a lot of room and can easily be moved around, yet it delivers crisp, clear black and white prints that come out in just 15 seconds.

The Monochrome series printers are also extremely quiet, delivering fast prints without the noise level of other printers.

The prices may be lower than what some other name brands sell for, but Samsung delivers high quality prints and some nice model designs.

Samsung Disadvantages: The biggest consumer complaint about Samsung laser printers that sell for $200 or less comes down to the quality of the paper feed and other small parts on the machine. The paper feed is noted to cause problems for some people on models such as the CLP-315, though there are many other models in the same basic price range which do not have those issues.

Another common complaint from some users is that the print cartridges do not print as many pages as expected before starting to run low. This can be fixed to some extent by purchasing compatible cartridges from other brands that hold more ink, but it must be noted that many models do offer reasonable price per page.

It is important to note that the quality on printers in the lowest price range cannot be compared with the quality of printers selling for higher prices. Samsung actually stands out in the market because they provide many low cost models f Samsung laser printer that are durable enough to last for years and which do not suffer from quality issues. Yet, it has to be expected that a very cheap model may not be as sturdy or durable in the long run as a more expensive model.

Remember, certain models are designed for certain features and functions. To determine which Samsung laserprinter may be best for your home or office, consider what your needs are in terms of quality and features. You can then look at what each model is designed for, read consumer reviews, and pick the best one for your needs.

For instance, someone who values vivid, bright color prints may go with the CLP-510 Samsung laser printer while someone else more concerned with finding a decent quality space saving printer might go with the CLP-300 Samsung laser printer.

Source by Rai Fritzu