This is a terrific product for a number of reasons. As the name suggests in any Samsung SCX – 345FW multifunctional printer review, it is multipurpose, allowing you to fax, scan, copy and print documents. It does all these things with great ease, and has in-built wireless capabilities making it all the more convenient and easy to use. It easily connects to your Wi-Fi set up, and takes only a few minutes to configure and start using.

The pros of the SCX – 345FW multifunctional printer

  • You can scan, fax or copy up to 40 sheets at a time because of its automatic document feeder. You can also connect to your iPad, iPhone or Android device using the Samsung Mobile Print App, and print directly from your device with ease.
  • It easily fits on a bookshelf or desk with its compact design.
  • You can expect speeds of up to 21 pages per minute, just as this Samsung SCX – 345FW multifunctional printer review promises you.
  • This saves you plenty of time, as you do not have to stand around the printer waiting for your documents. This is very convenient for a small business or office application.
  • You can also easily connect to your Wi-Fi with the touch of a button. There are no cables, and it does not really matter where you put your printer.

The fact that you can print directly from your Android device, iPhone and iPad, makes it very convenient for printing documents. You can also easily transfer documents and files using the app, which will save you plenty of time.

Economical printing with SCX – 345FW multifunctional printer

In this Samsung SCX – 345FW Multifunctional Printer review, you will learn that this product is eco friendly and economical for printing. You can skip blank pages as well as well as activate toner save to get more copies from your toner. You get more control of your printing and other operations with editing options before printing. There are plenty of features that are easy to use including removing bold text as well as image removal. You can also make great savings on your toner costs as well as save on paper.

The product also comes with a one year warranty. This means that you can get it fixed or replaced in case there is any problem with your printer. The toner also gives you a lot more copies than you would find with any other printer on the market, with up to 1500 copies for the toner. The printer is fast, lightweight and features a sleek design, and will look great in any home or office. It is an all round great product and in this review for the Samsung SCX – 345FW Multifunctional Printer review, the SCX – 345FW is highly recommended for both home and office.

Source by Jason Strawbridge