Our bodies receive, break down and assimilate nutrients from our food. Our bodies convert nutrients into energy, which is then allocated within the body. The body has seven main priorities.

Our bodies first priority is vital organs, such as the heart, lungs and brain. People with weak vital organs function at the lowest rung on the ladder of health.

Our second priority is muscular function, including smooth and skeletal. People having issues with nonvital organs function at this level.

Thirdly, the bodies cleansing functions continually remove toxins to maintain homeostasis and pH, a measure of acidity. Our bodies cleanse through excretory organs, skin and lungs. People with acne, chronic lung infection, or digestive-eliminative issues are functioning here. People with cysts and fibroids also have issues at this level since this is the bodies attempt to consolidate toxins, minimizing damage.

The fourth priority is defense and fifth is fat maintenance.

People who get sick a lot or get cancer have a lowered immune defense. Overweight people have excess fat cells under the skin, and layered around the organs and in the arteries, as plaque. So, being overweight is also dangerous for your heart. Built up fat around organs makes the body rigid, which presents itself as circulatory issues of the organs and thus multiple organ failure. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to health.

The sixth priority is regeneration. People who have not cleared this level have “chronic” illnesses. We are continually letting old cells die and building new ones, and when we choose more nutrient dense, bio-available ingredients, we create health.

Our lowest priority is higher mind or clarity, including issues with memory, or the ability to learn, assimilate, interpret and articulate information.

The higher on the ladder, the better your health. Due to the large amount of environmental, emotional and food toxins out there, our bodies cleansing function are on overdrive. The decreased amount of nutrients in the soil pull our level of health down also. So pure and concentrated food is crucial to vitality. If our body is stuck on a level such as vital or muscular functions or cleansing, we cannot get to the level of defense, regeneration or higher mind and that would certainly be nice. Sunrider makes pure, concentrated Chinese herbal whole foods that are easy to digest and assimilate and feed the body at a higher level of nutrition.

Eat raw, concentrated, herbal whole foods, like Sunrider, and take responsibility for your health. Your body starts at the top and through gestation, childhood, and adulthood we nourish or deplete our bodies of nutrients. Descending the ladder of health, you present symptoms as each function goes haywire. Ascending, you also hit those symptoms, only in reverse. Appreciate and rejoice in each symptom as you ascend.

Source by Serra Lynn Smick