If you're looking for a medium size laptop that can be customized, the Sony VAIO SVF15A190X is a good choice. It comes with a number of great features that are not only customizable, but expandable. You can personalize it a bit as well by choosing from three colors: steel black, silver, and pink.

Sony has always been a leader in the development of notebook technology. The SVF15A190X is one of the best models yet. The base options are impressive enough as it is, and you can add even more. Take the processor for instance: it's a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 model, which is pretty impressive for a notebook. It's compatible with turbo boost technology if you want more processing power and speed.

The display this system comes with is a full HD 15.5-inch screen (1920×1080) with LED-backlit technology. It can be upgraded to a touchscreen model. Touchscreens are ideal for some users and not so much for others. If you want the standard display, you will find that the keyboard and touchpad are well-designed.

As far as the graphics go, the more memory you have on the video card, the better you can expect games and 3D software to run. The base graphics is Intel HD 4000, which is a lot more than the previous 3000 models. However, it's still not as good as NVIDIA GeForce hybrid graphics. You can upgrade to NVIDIA hybrid graphics without the overall price going up too much. In fact, graphics upgrade with the Sony VAIO SVF15A190X is a lot less costly than that of other laptops.

There is a good amount of storage space in the hard drives. There are a few storage options to choose from, including SSD/SATA hybrid drives as well as solid state drives by themselves. The base option is a 750 GB and 8 GB SSD hybrid.

The optical drive is a DVD/CD player and burner. You can create your own CDs or DVDs, or make backup copies of your favorite ones. There is an option to add a Blu-Ray disc burner/player as well.

Lastly, there is the memory to consider. It's important to have a lot of memory on a laptop so that the system can open up programs quickly and effortlessly. This VAIO notebook comes with 8 GB of memory, which includes 4 GB fixed onboard and 4 GB removable. If that's not enough, you can expand to 12 GB (4 GB fixed onboard and 8 GB removable).

You can't go wrong with the Sony VAIO SVF15A190X. It can be configured in so many different ways and you can expand it as much as you need to. It's also constructed to last.

Source by George Botwin