The Sony VAIO VPCF1290X is the second most customizable laptop from Sony. It was released after many online publications started to notice that Sony was very stiff when it came to customizing their electronic products. This is why users can customize the Sony VAIO VPCF1290X and build their dream multimedia and gaming laptop. The price range is $999.99-2,934.97. Let's see what options we have and how much each one costs.

Let's start with the processor, the main part. The cheapest version of Sony VAIO VPCF1290X comes with an Intel Core i7 740QM processor working at a very good speed of 1.73 GHz (Turbo Boost technology can make it go up to 2.93 GHz). However, you can have the Intel Core i7 820QM central processing unit (working at 1.73 GHz). With the Turbo Boost technology enabled you can get it to work at 3.06GHz. This upgrade costs just $200 extra. You get an original copy of theWindows 7 Home operating system on the 64 bit architecture for free. However, you need to pay $150 for the Windows 7 Ultimate OS (64 bit). The standard hard drive is a 320 GB (spinning at 5400 rotations per minute) unit, quite basic and small. On the other hand, a 256 GB SSD (solid state drive) will cost you $525 and a 500 GB hard disk drive spinning at 7200 rotations per minute, $105.

The cheapest Sony VAIO VPCF1290X comes with 4 GB (two sticks of 2 GB) DDR 3 RAM working on a frequency of 1333 MHz, but you can get 8 GB (two sticks of 4 GB) DDR 3 RAM on a front side bus of 1333 MHz for $300. Taking into consideration the price, we bought the 4 GB version. You can also change the standard CD/DVD player/burner with a Bluray Disc player + burner for an additional $160. When it comes to the graphic card, things get a little more complicated. The standard edition comes with an Nvidia GeForce 310 M graphics processing unit (with 512 MB of video RAM) card. However, if you take this one, you will only be able to have the 16.4″ VAIO Display (1600 x 900 pixels maximum resolution). So, if you want full HD capabilities and want the 16.4″ VAIO full-HD display (going up to 1920 x 1080 pixels maximum resolution), you need to get the Nvidia GeForce 330 M video card (benefiting from 1 GB of video RAM) card for $50 more. Don't forget to add another $100 for the HD display.

Software can be quite expensive. How expensive? Take a look. If you take the basic configuration, they force you to buy the Adobe bundle ($448). And if you want to change Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional edition, you have to add another $350. Everyone needs antivirus software, so they included Norton Internet Security 2010 (with just 30 days of trial period) for free. And yes, after 30 days, it's gone! If you want the Backstage VIP Protection suite, you have to take another $100 out of your pocket.

Source by Nadav Snir