Nintendo R4 cards are next generation memory flash cards used along with Nintendo and Lite Gaming Consoles. These memory cards for Nintendo gaming consoles, especially the R4 DS is one of the most popular in its category. Besides performing their regular function, a Nintendo gaming card is also capable of storing movies, MP3s and other applications.


Is it Powerful?


RDS gaming card is a must have accessory for all people owning Nintendo game consoles. The latest addition from the labs of R4, the R4DS is a little but a very powerful device and is the same size as the original NDS card. Get this card and you won't need to buy any additional media components!

Compatibility Factor


The R4 DS is undoubtedly the best Nintendo gaming flash card available in the market. It has a virtual ROM compatibility of almost 100% (if you have the right memory card with you). Even with the wrong ones, ROM compatibility is nothing less than 99.8%. We recommend that you go with the Kingston Micro SD range. This is known to work better than SanDisk Micro SD cards.


The Success of R4 DS!


It is now proven that this particular Nintendo gaming card is the most successful card you are going to find in the market. The card was released more than 2 years ago and until now, has managed to outsell every other card in its category. Even the newer cards with better feature like Micro SDHC support are no match for it.


The Hardware

As far as hardware is concerned, Nintendo RDS offers unmatched quality. No other card in its category will allow you to remove the micro SD from the RDS without having to remove the whole card from the Nintendo game slot.


The Interface


The GUI interface for this card is easy to understand and highly functional. No other card offers something that comes close to it. No need to worry about getting lost in the system menus and display settings. The creators of the RDS have kept things as simple as they could.


As 90% of Nintendo gamers are children, the creators have made sure that the interface is simple and easy to understand. Everything can be accessed and controlled from a single screen along with a few sub-screens.

Other Features Include….

  1. The card supports Moonshell 1.6.
  2. It Supports Wi-fi, NDS rumble pack and NDS browser.
  3. It Supports Action-replay Cheats
  4. It Comes complete with software reset function and DLDI Auto Patching.
  5. It's capable of saving games directly to the micro SD card, instead of the onboard chip.
  6. It's compatible with micro SD cards, both FA16 and FA32.

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Source by Tom Harry