Without the hype of mobile releases such as the Motorola Defy and the LG Optimus 3D, the new HTC Incredible S has creeped up quietly without all of the attention, yet managed to steal much of the limelight thanks to thoughtful design together with a set of features any manufacturer would be proud to fit on their devices.

With multi media facilities playing an important part in the make up of modern day mobiles, it is pleasing to see that this model really performs beyond expectations in this area. An area often overlooked is the audio playback, despite the fact that many handsets are used as music players. The Incredible S supports multiple audio file formats including MP3, AAC+ and WAV, as well as offering the excellent alternative of an RDS FM radio should you want to tune in to a local or national radio station. A 3.5mm headphone socket ensures that you are free to choose which headphones you use with the phone. In terms of storing tracks, the device is a little lightweight on the storage side of things by offering just 1GB of capacity, however thanks to a micro SD card slot this can be easily expanded by up to a huge 32GB.

This space is not just great for music, but also for video and photograph, both areas in which this phone performs well. Photo quality is high at 8 mega pixels, with the average smartphone such as the Samsung galaxy S offering just 5 million. Its not all about the resolution however, but the camera needs the tools to help achieve the perfect photograph, thus the presence of autofocus, dual LED flash and image stabilisation all help to achieve great results. Video can be captured in HD quality, which has become the benchmark for all good smartphones, which means a resolution of 720P is on offer.

The HTC Incredible S offers the brands own Sense user interface on this model, simplifying the way you use the phone. Together with the Android operating system that is on offer, this works like a dream. The whole principle of “Sense” is to make the phone work in a more simple and natural way. An example of this is the leap view that is on offer, a method of displaying multiple homescreens in one simple overview, allowing you to simply pick the one you require without the need for scrolling through lots of pages. The fact that this unit runs on Android means a huge collection of material and applications is available for download, with HTC also insisting the phone will have an update made available for version 2.3. A 4inch TFT screen shows a high quality resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

The Incredible S from HTC prolongs the brands rise to the very top of the smartphone tree. As a media phone it is excellent, and it also excels in other areas such as connectivity and display.

Source by Emma Rosher