All too often today with the very portable nature of cell phones you may be in the position where you may want to consider tracking cell phone locations to put your mind at ease as to where someone you care for is located or maybe who's number that is that keeps appearing on your partners cell phone.

The ability to track cell phone numbers and their locations has greatly advanced in the last few years as in the early days cell phone location tracking was a very rough position that was calculated from the nearest cell phone tower and gave a placement that may be somewhere within 100 to 300 square meters.

With the advancement of technology and the much more accurate tracking facilities offered by GPS it is now possible to track a cell phone location with pinpoint accuracy however even this technology can be flawed by the user simply turning their cell phone off or the location where the cell phone is, such as in a tunnel or surrounded by certain terrain like mountains.

The most advanced and presently used technology for tracking cell phone numbers uses a system called Wi-Fi positioning, or often referred to as WPS.

This WPS tracking system uses a variety of wireless network systems for tracking cell phone numbers and through a comprehensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots a grid system is put into place that makes locating a cell phone number and positioning it far more accurate and ultimately a more precise process for the end user.

The advancement of WPS tracking and technology in general has now meant that it is quite possible for anyone to find more information about a cell phone number and also to track and locate the position of a cell phone if you need to.


Source by Robert F Aston