Among the first things you will need to do when you create a website is to find website hosting. A web host is a company that essentially sells you space on their servers, allowing your website to “broadcast” on the internet. You can liken a web host to a radio, providing air space to advertisers who want to reach listeners.

When most people go begin shopping for a hosting service, they quickly find that there are a wide variety of options from which to choose. The decision of which host to go with is often confusing for the average consumer. You can read reviews on websites to see which web hosts are recommended, but beware that some of these sites are simply run by an affiliate making money off each web hosting package.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that once a host is selected, there are usually still several packages from which to choose. There are free hosting services, and hosting plans that range up to hundreds of dollars per month. Usually the determining factor in which plan is right for you is the type of website you plan on creating.

Free hosting is rarely used anymore, though it is still popular among those with personal websites. This type of hosting is best for those who want a small site on which to post a few photos and journal entries to share with friends and family. The reason most people don't choose free hosting is because you usually have very limited available pages, limited bandwidth (which will reduce the amount of data your website can hold), and you often have to put up with scrolling or pop-up ads.

Large scale businesses usually pay the most for hosting. They will often require a dedicated server, whereas a web host usually sells space on one server to several different customers. Businesses with a large website or a large volume of visitors to their site will need the most professional package, and will probably opt for some hosting extras that will allow their website designer to customize their site further.

Website hosting for most businesses and website owners is fairly inexpensive. Middle of the road packages are available at less than $10 per month, and offer enough space and bandwidth for most. Most importantly, compare similar plans across the different web hosts, and you will most likely see who holds the best deal for you, your business, and your situation.

Source by Rose Sims