Humminbirds 2011 line of fish finders give anglers access to an incredible array of technologies in a single unit. Simply referring to these units as “fish finders” barely does them justice. With advanced sonar capabilities, GPS, chartplotting, and networking capabilities, the new fish finders offered by Humminbird provide anglers with everything they need to bring in the big catch. In this article we are going to examine what is perhaps the best Humminbird fish finder and their premier fishing system for 2011, the Humminbird 1198c SI Combo GPS.

HD Quality Viewing on a Gigantic Display

The first thing you will notice about the 1198c SI Combo is the impressive, extra-large 10.4 inch LCD display. The immense 600V x 800H pixel screen with LED backlight is designed to offer crystal clear viewing in even the brightest of sunlight and offers HD quality viewing. It's like having a fish finder in a High-Definition TV.

The 1198c SI is jam packed with every feature that Humminbird has to offer anglers in 2011. Advanced capabilities include side imaging sonar, down imaging sonar, DualBeam sonar, Switchfire technology, built-in lake maps, 50 Channel GPS, trackplotting and advanced chartplotting.

Side Imaging Sonar

Side Imaging Sonar offers incredibly clear, HD picture-quality illustrations and a 180 degree view of fish, structure, and water for an area of up to 240 feet on both sides of your boat. The returns are processed then displayed as an image that is comparable to an aerial photo. If you find an encouraging location, you can quickly tag the GPS location instantly on the display screen.

Down Imaging Sonar

Down Imaging allows you to view what is directly under your fishing boat and provides stunning detail of rocks, timber, brush and other structures. Results of down imaging are displayed in a picture-quality 2D image and sonar returns are charted on the display.

DualBeam Sonar

With DualBeam, the 1198c SI provides both a 20 degree and 60 degree sonar beam that can be viewed separately, together, or in a side-by-side comparison. The 20 degree beam is encompassed by the 60 degree beam to provide a coverage area that is equal to the depth of the water. So, if you are in 20 feet of water, the 60 degree beam will cover an area of 20 yards.

Switchfire Technology

Switchfire gives you ultimate control over how all of this information is displayed. Max mode will display the most information and is perfect for jig tracking and more fish arches. Clear mode produces less clutter and more fish size precision.

These features easily make the 1198c SI a pick for the best Humminbird Fish Finder and a perfect choice for any angler seeking top-of-the-line fish finding and GPS technology combined with a huge HD-quality display.

Source by Sidney Landers