When it comes to headphones, Bose has some of the best quality hardware that money can buy. Granted, they are not the cheapest. But if you are a true headphones nerd (yes, these really do exist), then you might want to consider saving up for a headphones from Bose. It's not that Bose always has the very best sound quality that there exists on the planet, it's more that Bose is able to stuff high quality audio into smaller spaces than their competition can. This makes headphones from Bose the lightest option you have when it comes to headphones for your television.

The headphones from Bose come in a number if models. Take for example their top notch model, the QuietComfort series of headphones. These are very expensive, especially when it comes to headphones. They're more than $300. By most people's standards, that's a rib right out of your rib cage right there. But a good set of headphones from Bose does not necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are also cheaper ones at below the $200 mark. These are the AE2 and the OE2 models. These aren't as luxurious as the QuietComfort models, but they're still pretty good.

If you have money to burn and you want the very best from Bose, then you should definitely go with the QuietComfort models. These have absolutely awesome noise cancelling capability. You can't only use these while watching television, but you can also use them while on a plane. Even when you drop the volume on your iPod from all the way up to halfway down… the QuietComfort models will still give you crystal clear audio. The best thing about the QuietComforts is that they are wireless. Depending on what model you go for, you will have either a 25 hour or a 35 hour battery lifespan. That's enough for most plane rides, wouldn't you agree?

The cheaper model, the EA2, also gives you fantastic audio quality for your money. The trouble with the EA2 models is that they exaggerate the bass a little bit. This means that bass sounds are going to be emphasyzed quite a bit in any kind of music you will listen to. Keep this in mind before buying an EA2. The EA2 also comes with a microphone and a remote volume controller. This is the EA2i model. The remote volume controller only works with hardware from Apple. So if you're not an Apple fan, there's already not much reason to go for the EA2i over the EA2. Unless, ofcourse, you really want that integrated microphone.

Source by Jay Bateman