These days you can do just about everything online. You can buy, sell and trade things or to find out information on just about anything or anyone. But there are still a few things you can't do online, and one of them is to apply for a Blockbuster membership card.

Who would of though that a corporation like Blockbuster doesn't have some type of online application. There are some benefits I guess, by not having a online application then Blockbuster doesn't have to charge a fee for processing and shipping the Blockbuster membership card to your house. But the main reason you have to sign up for a Blockbusters card in the store is because not all Blockbusters are linked together. Some stores are franchise and the rest are corporate owned. So would you expect to find on a Blockbuster Membership Application. This is what is required to get a Blockbuster Card.

The first thing the employee is going to ask you is, you need two types of identification. What you need is a driver's license and a credit card. The driver's license is used as a primary id. For a secondary id Blockbuster uses a credit card, this is used for two reasons. One if you don't bring there movie back then they can charge your credit card and the other is to make sure that the name is correct. Now some Blockbusters will not accept a debit or check card. This is because Blockbuster doesn't want to be liable for any overdraft charges that mite arise. So make sure it's a credit card and not a debit or check card.

Now that you have to required identification the rest of the application is pretty simple. It contains your name, address, if you want to receive any type of e-mails from them. Also, as a little incentive, Blockbuster has a deal with some major magazine publishers. They offer a free year of some magazines. The application will ask if you want to put anybody else on the account as a secondary renter and it will ask how many cards you want. That's all it takes to become a member of Blockbuster.

Becoming a Blockbuster member definitely has its benefits. You have access to 1000's of movies and they are continuity being updated ever week. Plus Blockbuster offers some pretty good deals on purchasing a movie. Right now Blockbuster has a Online Service that they are giving a free two week trail.

This online rental service works just like Netflix, but with a very unique twist. Instead of returning the movie through the mail, just bring it to the store you got your card from and exchange it for a free in-store rental. So free membership and free movies for two weeks not a bad deal. Also, they just updated it, now online members can get a coupon every month for a game or another rental.

Getting a Blockbuster card is a must for any movie lover. The only thing is once you have a Blockbuster card don't forget to bring it with you when you come to ex-change the moves.

Source by Nickolie Greer