Cutting the cord. For a number of years people have been discussing whether or not it was possible to cut the cord so to speak from your cable provider to enjoy the best of TV. Well, we can't completely cut the cord but streaming players like the Roku device can make it very, very, easy to access your favorite content via the Internet.

Here are three reasons why the Roku is the best streaming player available today:

1. It's tiny and works effortlessly!

This little jewel of a box, the Roku HD plugs in to your existing Wi-Fi network, links up through HDMI to your HD television and voilĂ , you have access to tons of Internet content. I am reminded of the scene from the recent remake of Dark Shadows. Barnabas Collins, the vampire just released into the 20th Century after being buried for 200 years, has an interesting run in with technology. He sees and hears an actress signing on a popular TV program of the day. He stumbles to the television set, stunned at what he was observing and hearing and asked the question: “What sorcery is this?” That is a question I asked my Roku streaming player many times. How those engineers were able to create a small electronic device that can do so much is beyond me but it works and it is fantastic.

2. Access to tons of content.

Have an Amazon prime account? Then you can access all that content through your Roku. Subscribe to HBO? Then you can link up HBOGO service to your Roku and access not only current episodes of your favorite HBO shows but past seasons as well. I am a latecomer to the series Game of Thrones, but with access to my HBOGO and with my Roku, I was able to watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 in a week in order to get caught up on this very interesting and entertaining HBO program. As an aside, because I've been so caught up in the series I ended up buying the digital book on Amazon's Kindle. Now I can read up on the series before it comes back to HBO in 2014. Isn't it amazing to see all the synergy of the modern media complex made available through the Internet? There was a time when the major companies were quite threatened by digitalization. Now, they have found ways to thrive and profit.

3. Ease of use.

Recently, Roku updated its software, making searching for content streamlined. Whatever content you are interested in, you enter a search for it and Roku examines all its content on all platforms, across all channels and then will call collate that information into a list. It's really that simple. And while not every program is available on the Roku streaming device, more and more content is made available on a monthly basis. And more importantly, you can easily find it and access it thanks to that wonderful and simple little box.

We can see into the television viewing future and it is bright. One day, consumers will be able to watch and purchase only the content they want to. The days of the 250 plus channel cable service may be dwindling. Consider it another casualty of the democratization of content by the web.

Source by Daniel Paul D'Aniello