Sculpting is possible with all materials available. You can fold paper, carve, saw or assemble wood, compile different materials into one piece, weld, forge, emboss iron, mould clay, cast bronze or synthetic material, glue various things together, work with glass, whatever you want.

But only practice makes perfect. So when you happen to be inexperienced with a certain material, your sculpture will need to gain from other things that you do really well. When carving wood, for example, you have to consider the angle of the grain. You use your chisel at a certain tilt, the grain directing how much wood you can cut away. When studying ancient woodwork you will learn and understand why certain shapes were chosen. When you work with clay it may take a while before you are able to make skin look as smooth as you want to or leave it as coarse as needed. Working with bronze requires a separate technique. First making a wax model, creating a mould for casting, it is completely different from ceramics.

It might turn out to be frustrating when you want to try working with material previously unknown to you. But you can also turn that limitation to your favour. The advantage of using different materials is that they all create their own purview. The concept of wood is different from concrete, bricks are not like plastics, bronze is contrasting to clay. Employ that in your sculpture.

If you work with found materials your marvel about these treasures you found will play a big part in the work you make with them.

Most important when sculpting is to feel free, also with the material of your choice. You can try to explore your technical restrictions, but you could also call the help of an expert with the right knowledge of the material you wish to work with. Be sure to pick someone really skilled, creative and with lots of imagination.

It is also possible to choose one particular type of material and get to master that in such a way you are able to express yourself in every possible way with it.

But the base of sculpting remains the same. It is all about form, skin composition, concept. Your personal creation and its comment on humanity this day and age, thus expressing a universal feeling or your own universal truth.

You can make your own statue any which way you want. Isn't that great?


Source by Saskia De Rooy