Fifi and the Flowertots is an animated children's television series created by Keith Chapman and originally premiered in January 2008. The series is about flower characters and their adventures in the garden.

The central character of the television series is Fifi Forget-me-not. Fifi loves to garden and she often forgets words. When she remembers words her friends often say ‘Fifi Forget-me-not Forgot!'. There are many supporting characters that add to the charm of Fifi and the Flowertots that include:

– Bumble is a bee and is Fifi's best friend. When Fifi forgets words, Bumble helps her to remember.

– Violet lives in Flowertot Cottage and likes to paint. She always likes everything to be neat and tidy.

– Primrose lives in Flowertot Cottage and is best friends with Violet. Like Violet, she also likes everything to be neat and tidy and in order.

– Poppy sells fruit and owns a market stall in the garden.

– Mo is a lawnmower and speaks in a language that only Fifi understands, so she translates to the rest of the flowertots.

– Pip is a gooseberry and is the youngest character that lives in the garden.

– Stingo is a wasp that lives in Apple Tree House and is lazy and occasionally steals from the other Flowertots in the village.

– Slugsy is a slug and is Stingo's sidekick and is often very clumsy.

– Webby is a spider and often gives advise to the Flowertots in the garden when they have a problem.

– Dingly is a grumpy worm that lives in the compost heap. He is very helpful and creates compost for all the Flowertots to use.

The adventures of Fifi and the Flowertots encourage children, infants and toddlers to discover and learn about friendship, problem-solving and co-operation.

Source by Leanne Ronalds