People are now questioning whether the hard disk VCR is already obsolete. Well, the good thing about today's modern technology is because the older versions are still being manufactured although in limited amounts only. Today, the companies that at the same time produce the DVD combos are Sanyo, Sylvania, and JVC.

If you are looking for a portable device that you can use both for DVD and VHS, this is the perfect choice. The combo units are great for recording or copying home videos and even TV programs. The advantage of using the hard disk VCR is that you can save the home videos on the hard disk and copy them into the DVD. You can record as many videos as you like as long you have blank DVDs.

In the US, you might not be able to find the combo device because major companies have already ceased production for the US market. For residents of Asia and Europe, it would be possible to purchase the DVD/hard drive combination in local appliance stores. If you can't afford the software for recording your old home videos, this is the perfect choice.

Most of the hard disk VCR in the market is reasonably priced, and it's a great investment. There are many online stores that offer special discounts and promos. You can take advantage of great deals on the internet. Browse the online stores by brand, price, or model and you're sure to get the ideal device. Have fun in watching your old VHS tapes because the VCR is not yet obsolete!


Source by Calvin Colding