Throughout history ancient people have created stories (myths, fables, legends, etc) to explain the origin of humanity, the universe, and life itself. Creationist stories involving gods and spirits are based on half-truths.

Every culture or civilization, right up to the Modern Age, has taken parts of the truths and expanded upon them, in an effort to explain the beginnings of our species on this planet. The pure truth is difficult to ascertain since it has been obscured by the lies of the ruling elite, who prefer to keep humanity ignorant. However, it's fair to say almost every culture has a piece of the truth concerning the origin of our race.

As ambitious researchers and investigators engage in the process of examining the remains and relics from ancient civilizations, they begin to see features common to every archaeological discovery. If one analyses historical literature, along with the discoveries of modern science, and revelations given to us by talented psychic mediums, a recognizable and common theme reveals itself. I'm talking about the controversial theory that humanity is a slave species.

Zachariah Sitchin (and other researchers including author Michael Tellinger) promote and advocate the theory that humanity is a genetically engineered species created by extra-terrestrial god-like beings known as the Annunaki. This theory is supported by information gathered from several sources including Sumerian texts. Other historical researchers have published books and articles that expand upon the Annunaki theory incorporating information from other historical documents. One of them being, the Book of Enoch, which describes “the watchers” a race of “fallen angels” and their giant off-spring, who are said to have corrupted early humans.

One morning, as I was beginning to wake up, I heard some strange “whisperings” from a spiritual source. The unknown spirit guide offered me some new details concerning the slave species theory. He pointed to a creationist story allegedly conceived by Ron L. Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) which provides an unusual account of the origins of humanity. This fantastic tale, (which Scientologists flatly deny) speaks of an alien entity known as “Xenu” or “Xemu”. I was told that Xenu is essentially an intergalactic criminal who operates a global cartel on this prison planet.

I looked up the story of Xenu on the Internet. The version I read (which is said to have been written by Ron L. Hubbard) is worded in such a way, that it makes the whole story sound ludicrous. As I said before, it's possible find common themes amongst the many creationist stories we hear. I feel there may be a certain truth at the core of the Xenu story. I'm going to summarize this tale with my own interpretation and wording.

The story goes that 75 million years ago, there was an alien being known as Xenu. Xenu was the leader of the Galactic Confederacy. He ruled over many star systems as a tyrannical dictator. Xenu's regime was going to be over-thrown by rebellious alien races. In a bid to maintain his position of absolute power, Xenu kidnapped billions of subversive aliens and came to Earth, known as “Teegeeack”, in a spacecraft (apparently resembling a cargo plane) to dispose of them. This was a massive depopulation scheme. These alien beings were sedated with intoxicating chemicals and placed around active volcanoes. Nuclear devices were detonated inside the volcanoes to kill them. When the disembodied spirits of the aliens began rise from the ashes of the nuclear clouds, Xenu's officers captured them in an “energy field”. From there, the alien spirits were brought to a “brain washing” facility. Their minds were wiped clean and implanted with new memories (called an R6 implant). The implanted memories were controlled-based programs meant to dull the alien's minds and make them obedient to Xenu.

High-ranking members (The Loyal Officers) of the Galactic Confederacy eventually subdued Xenu and his co-conspirators. They were judged guilty of their treacherous deeds. They were summarily sentenced to spend the rest of eternity on Earth. The Galactic Confederacy imprisoned Xenu and his cohorts within the Earth and bound them with advanced technological restraints to ensure they would never escape from this planet.

This tale is very similar to the story of the Annunaki, the Fallen Angels in the Book of Enoch, Genesis, and other ancestral creationist stories.

The spirit who provided these newest details said that “Xenu” or “Xemu” is not the correct spelling or pronunciation for this malevolent entity. However, the name Xenu corresponds to the supreme Sumerian god Anu. As the story goes, Anu, the supreme leader of the Sumerian gods, was overthrown by his son Enlil. This theme can also be found in Greek and Roman mythology.

The spirit who brought this story to my attention explained that it is incredibly difficult to trace Xenu's movements in our world as he is a chameleon. Xenu is a shape-shifter with the ability to alter his DNA and character at will.

The alien spirits became known as ‘thetans”. They are like lost souls. They have forgotten who they are and where they came from. The thetans cluster together because they have lost their sense of individuality and identity. They often enter a physical body, adding their emotional experiences to the original soul (that was born into the body), compounding the amount of emotional baggage a person deals with in life. Thus, the thetans became known has “body thetans”. This is not the first time I've been made aware of “body thetans” by a spiritual being.

The spirit explained that the thetans who were murdered by Xenu are the “starseeds” often spoken about in the Spiritual Community. Acturians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, and other aliens were brought to Earth millions of years ago by a malicious entity like Xenu. When these aliens were physically killed, their spirits were subsequently captured and made to bend to Xenu's will by his organized crime syndicate. It's possible this technology could be similar to Faraday cages, which some paranormal investigators say can be used as “ghost traps”, since disembodied spirits can have difficulty passing through strong electrical fields.

The scientists and engineers that came to Earth with Xenu conducted genetic experiments on the native species inhabiting this planet. They set about experimenting on the humanoid, Reptilian, and mammalian creatures that inhabited this world. The consciousness of the starseed souls were injected into these modified physical forms to use as slave labour for extracting the natural resources on this planet. They couldn't use the resident lifeforms on Earth for this purpose, because they were too wild to tame, or they did not possess the intellectual capacity necessary to follow their directives.

Xenu and his henchmen used advanced mind control technology to brain wash the starseed spirits. This sophisticated brain washing program is better known as The Dark Matrix. The Matrix Technology already existed and was in use by many of the alien species for beneficial purposes. The virtually reality simulations of The Matrix are ideal for creating and maintaining a self-contained and controlled environment. The Dark Matrix program operates in a time loop, like a movie that is played over and over. Spirits are convinced to reincarnate into The Matrix, in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

As the Story of Xenu indicates, the Galactic Confederation (as it was a loose planetary alliance at that time – later it became a formal organization known as the Galactic Federation) imposed a life sentence (on planet Earth) upon Xenu and his supporters for their crimes. Thus, Earth became a prison planet.

The Earth is essentially an abandoned or forbidden planet due to the adverse conditions here. However, many alien races seek to free humanity from its imprisonment. They have attempted to free humanity by sending in masters and avatars (rescue operations) to awaken humanity to its true nature.

The Annunaki overlords (as they are now commonly known) had to deal with mutiny and uprisings from within their own ranks. They also battled terrestrial species such the Nagas and the Arachnids, who were eventually forced to go inside the Earth to escape the wars and terrible weather conditions. Other nonhuman spirits and alien races have vied for domination over this planet. The rule of the Annunaki descendants has been compromised and eroded over the centuries by extra-terrestrial races that sought to usurp control of the power structure on this planet.


Source by Dave Love