iTunes belongs to Apple Corporation. It is a free application that lets you play music, videos, and more on your PC, cell phone and other digital applications. iTunes is also a store where you can download music, movies, TV shows, applications, to your collection anytime. By Now, it is known as the world's best digital music player.

In some cases, you will need to uninstall iTunes and QuickTime because of adding more add-ons or the current version are not working anymore. However, since iTunes and QuickTime have many components or programs that are related to each other, the uninstalling iTunes could cause QuickTime unable to work again. At this point, it is crucial to uninstall iTunes and all of its components in a correct order.

The Quickest to uninstall iTunes completely by using a professional uninstaller

Under normal circumstances, there will be items of the application listed within the Add/Remove Programs of the Control Panel or Programs of Start menu. However, for some applications, there will be no removal or uninstall option available. Under this circumstance, users will have to manually delete all the registry information and directories of the application if possible. Nevertheless, it is difficult and very dangerous for an ordinary user to fully uninstall all applications added iTunes while a professional uninstaller can make it done with just a few clicks.

Follow the below instruction, you can uninstall iTunes completely and quickly:

To uninstall iTunes, as well as QuickTime, first please Close all files, folders and processes relating to iTunes. It is better that you can close all other running programs. Then uninstall the following components:

1. iTunes

2. QuickTime

3. Apple Software Update

4. Apple Mobile Device Support

5. Bonjour

6. Apple Application Support (for iTunes 9 or higher version)

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