It may sound silly to think that the position in which you sleep may reveal what type of personality you have. Actually, studies have shown that certain personality types tend to sleep in specific positions. In the following, I'll describe different sleep position meanings as well as sleep position personalities. Some of the different sleep positions are; the fetal position, on your side with your arms down, on your side with your arms out, sleeping on your stomach, sleeping on your back with your arms down, and sleeping on your back with your arms above your head, the starfish which is just sprawled out all over the place, and the pillow hugger. Additionally, how you sleep as a couple may also carry some sleep position meaning.

1. Fetal

The sleep position personality for those of you who sleep in the fetal position, has a few different traits. Fetal position sleepers tend to like the sense of safety that the position offers as they doze off. In general, they are more sensitive people. Although they are more sensitive, they can often times exhibit a tougher exterior. Fetal position sleepers can come off as shy, but they are more personable then others. Studies also show this to be one of the most common sleeping positions.

Side sleepers also have their own set of personality traits. Those who sleep on their side with their arms down are more carefree and easy going. Some of the more negative sleep position meanings for these sleepers are that they are more trusting of strangers. They can also be a bit more gullible than the average person. They are more social and can be more likable than others as the have more easy going and carefree personalities. Side sleepers aren't easily offended and they tend to be trusted more than others. They can also adjust to “curve balls” in life without becoming too frustrated.

2. Yearner

People who sleep on their side with their arms out are less gullible. They do, however, tend to take a longer time to make up their minds when it comes to decision making. They are more set in their ways once they do make up their mind. This sleeper's personality can also be more cynical than other people are. This sleep position is known as the “yearner”.

3. Stomach

Stomach sleepers also have their own set of personality traits. Stomach sleepers have much bolder personalities on the exterior. They are also far more sociable on the outside. Although they come across as bold and confident they are not as confident on the inside. They don't take criticism as well as others. Problems don't roll off their back as easily as with other people. They don't handle stressful situations as well because they tend not to have a thick skin. Though they may come across as strong and confident, they are, in fact, less confident on the inside.

4. Soldier

Those that sleep on their backs with arms down are known as “soldiers”. Less than ten percent of people claim to sleep in this position. Much like a soldier, they have higher moral standards than other people. They hold themselves and others to a higher moral standard. They can often be considered no nonsense individuals. They tend to be far quieter and more reserved than others. They are more the strong, silent type, rather than outgoing. They work better with a regular routine and take themselves very seriously. They aren't as open to discussing problems or emotions with other people. Compared to side sleepers, who are out going and care free, back sleepers are quieter and far more serious.

5. Stargazer

Another position that involves sleeping on your back is the “stargazer”. That's when you sleep on your back with your arms behind your head. These folks are more positive and helpful to others. They tend to have an easy going and positive outlook, much like side sleepers. They will do anything to help out friends and family. They are extremely loyal to those that they hold dear to them.

6. Starfish

The “starfish” sleeper just sprawls out all over the place and doesn't really have a set position in which they sleep. These people are eager to give friends a helping hand or lend them their ear. They are out going and positive but do not look to be the center of attention. They are comfortable in their own skin. They are more carefree and tend to go with the flow more so than others. “Spread-eagle” is another name for this sleep position. They are great people to be around even though it may not be fun to share a bed with them, because they can be all over the place.

7. Pillow Hugger

“Pillow huggers” do just that, they sleep with their arms wrapped around a pillow. They tend to show more affection and they would rather cuddle up next to someone than be alone. Much like “stargazers” they care a lot about their personal relationships. They are also more family orientated people. Personal bonds in their life are often times the most important things to them. They are very loyal to their significant others, friends, and family.

There is also some sleep position meanings when it comes to couples. Couples that sleep back to back are said to be more confident in their relationships and they respect each other's independence. The spoon position is a more protective position and it is also more intimate. The tangle, were couples sleep in each other's arms is the most intimate of all and is more common with new relationships.

Sleep position personality varies a great deal depending on what position you sleep in. It can say a lot about the type of person that you are. Although it may sound silly, research suggests that there is a lot of truth to the position that one sleeps in, and how it relates to one's personality.

Source by Bob Tom