The Lenovo ThinkPad X201 is a 12 inch notebook aimed at businesses. The ThinkPad X201 line is a refresh to the ThinkPad X200 line.

The ThinkPad X201 lineup includes the regular X201, ultraportable X201s and the tablet X201t. All models are available with Core i5 and Core i7 processors.thinkpad-x201

Build and Design

The ThinkPad X201 is smaller than other T-series notebooks, but it has the same boxy frame and rubberized exterior. Despite the notebook having a small frame, Lenovo has managed to incorporate a full-sized keyboard. Build quality is excellent compared to other mini laptops and ultraportables on the market. There are easy access panels for removing or upgrading RAM and hard drive.

Screen and Speakers

Business notebooks are not known for having great displays. The ThinkPad X201 notebooks are no different. The displays on the X201 and X201s are average in color saturation and contrast. Vertical viewing angles aren't very good, but horizontal viewing angles are somewhat better. The screen on the X201t is better. It offers better color saturation and contrast. The viewing angles are also better.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The ThinkPad X201 has the same great keyboard as the X200. The keyboard shows barely any flex under moderate pressure and offers excellent typing experience. The ThinkPad X-series notebooks have always had only a Trackpoint which was a turn off for many buyers. With the release of the X201 with a small touchpad Lenovo has addressed the issue. The touchpad on X201 is about half the height of a regular touchpad but it is perfectly usable.

Ports and Features

There are 3USB ports, VGA out, LAN, ExpressCard/54, audio jacks and a modem jacks. There is also an SDHC card for storage expansion. No HDMI, eSATA or FireWire.


Despite having a Core i7 processor, the ThinkPad X201 notebooks are not powerful gaming or mobile workstation-class notebooks. The Core i7 processors used on the X201 are dual-core processors designed to offer better battery life. In fact, the low-voltage Core i7 processors are slower than Core i5 processors. But compared to the X200 laptops powered by Intel P8600 processors, the X201 offer substantial improvement in performance. Multi-media lovers can stream 1080p HD video from YouTube or Hulu without stressing the laptop. Heat and noise levels are well within normal limits.

Battery Life

The regular X201 has a 9-cell battery whereas the X201t has an 8-cell and the X201s has a 6-cell battery. The notebooks get excellent battery life. The X201 with the 9-cell battery lasts for well over 11 hours on a single charge.


The Lenovo ThinkPad X201 notebooks are the ideal solution if you need a powerful small laptop. Battery life is also great. And if you are a fan of the touchpad, Lenovo has also included it on the X201 and X201 tablet.


Excellent battery life

Unlike other X-series notebooks comes with a touchpad

Good performance


Average display

Screens could be better on the X201 and X201s

Source by Manjusha Nambiar