Videographers that shoot weddings, indoor events, where large crowds gather, and sports events have been using monopods for years since they give them the needed support and yet allow them to keep their mobility. From the long range or monopods, which the professional videographers use, the Manfrotto 561B is one of the most popular and appreciated. This excellent piece of equipment comes with quick release metal plate, which can easily support large camcorders as well as SLR cameras with long lenses. The body is made of aluminum for minimal weight and maximum strength, and the plastic leg release locks are tough enough to keep the monopod at the selected position. The maximum working height of the Manfrotto 561B is 200cm, which is more than any previous monopod from this manufacturer, and the folded height is only 76cm, which allows the accessory to be transported and stored easily. The monopod also weighs only 2kg, supports up to 4kg of equipment, has counterbalance, and independent tilt lock. It comes with three retractable feet, which provide even more stability, and pan-bar, which makes panning and tilting a breeze.

When it comes to performance, the fact that the monopod could stand up on its own, when there is no camera attached to it, alone makes it an excellent piece of equipment. Other qualities that the Manfrotto 561B has and are difficult to miss is the ease with which it is held and its sturdiness and minimal weight. If you are on the market for solid support accessory, then this is one monopod, which is well worth considering, however, if you are planning to use even heavier full video cameras or SLRs with heavy telephoto lenses, then the 562B models might be more suitable for your needs. They are capable of supporting up to 8kg of weight, fold down to 63cm, and have maximum working height of 193cm.

Source by Peter Kerl