The Roku XD is all the hype these days and rightfully so because this tiny device lets you watch thousands of movies anytime you wish. The Roku has the capacity to stream movies, videos and other form of media entertainment from the Internet straight to your TV set. How does the Roku Player do that? This Roku Review explains how.

To get the utmost benefit from the Roku XD, you would need high speed Internet connection, a TV and most importantly, the Roku Player. One thing that sets it apart from other devices is that it doesn't download but rather streams the videos so it instantly gains access to huge media libraries without storing large files in your computer's hard drive.

What's more, you don't need your PC to set up your Roku XD. It can connect to your high speed Internet connection wirelessly and can work with any TV that has up to 1080p compatibility. Setup takes about 5 minutes only and once connected, you get instant streaming video.

The next question you probably want answers to is, “Where do I get the video?” Well, Roku is in partnership with Netflix, along with some other websites such as Hulu, Amazon Video On Demand, etc. If you have an existing subscription with Netflix, then you may instantly browse over 20,000 movies and TV episodes and watch them whenever you wish, at no extra cost. Since Roku is continuously expanding their library, you'll never run out of new movies and fresh TV episodes to watch.

To enjoy your Roku Player to the max, your Internet connection must at least be 1.2Mbps. But if you're a big fan of live sports events or high definition movies, it should be at least 3 or 5Mbps – which is common in the United States these days. Standard AV cables come with the package but if you have an HDTV, it's highly recommended that you buy an extra HDMI cable.

Source by Leif Algsdale