31st October – the scariest night in your calendar! Halloween brings with it fun, excitement, plenty of scary stories and another opportunity to have a fun party. So, much to think about. What can you do for your wonderful little skeleton? What type of party do you want? The starting point for a skeleton party is to pick up your kids scary skeleton costume. Now your ready to have some fun!

Easy ideas for big Halloween skeleton fun include the following:

Remember you are aiming to create a spooky, haunted house for your little skeleton and his friends!

oCreate your scary centerpiece – You will need a helium balloon, a table, a white sheet and some black buttons. For this activity cover the table and balloon with the white sheet and attach 2 black buttons to the helium balloon for the ghostly eyes. You now have a ghost rising from the table.

oEyes watching You – Place pairs of eyeballs around the room to create the illusion of ghosts and ghouls watching the party in full swing.

oCandle-lit pumpkins – What a great way to jazz up the haunted room, take some time to get a fresh pumpkin or two. Dig the guts out and carve a scary face. Placing these throughout the room will create the shadows needed for your scary party.

oGreat Halloween game ideas can include the following:

Spooky witches hat Game- You will need a black witches hat, 5 pieces of A4 cardboard, scissors and scrap pieces of paper. Fill the hat with the scrap pieces of paper so that it stands straight on the floor. Cut out the centre of each of the plates and utilise these as the hoop. Each child then throws the hoop to see if they can get it on the witches hat. If they do they win a ghoulish surprise. At each turn increase the distance between the kid and the hat.

Halloween Guess who I am game -Kids can take it in turns to act out their favourite Halloween characters. A great time filler between activities.

Scary Halloween Hide and Seek – What kid doesn't like Hide and seek. This time it is even more entertaining as you place bits around the room that the kids can accidentally tread on and find. For e.g. create stringy cobweb which they might accidentally run into. Place those eyeballs in places and create ghostly areas for them to hide in. This way you create your very own haunted house!

oHalloween Goody Bags for little terrors are a must – As a treat to take home, put together a bag of horrors to include small plastic insects, a skeleton scary mask, skeleton sweets and a pair of vampire fangs.

Start planning your own Skeleton party and let the season of Halloween begin with a bang. Make the difference, add your sparkle, create the haunted house and have fun with those crazy games. Go on….give your kids the scariest skeleton Halloween party for them to remember….. ever.

Source by Alex Fox