Snow White has been loved and admired by generations of girls. She is known for her beautiful appearance and her signature princess dress however, not enough credit is given to some of her other important qualities. Snow White was more than just a pretty face. Here is a list of her top five best traits, things we all could use a little more of.

5. Optimistic

Snow White was always optimistic that she would one day find true love. In the Disney movie, she is shown in the beginning working as a maid and wearing tattered clothing, yet singing and hoping that one day true love would find her. Even after being abandoned in the forest by the huntsman that was supposed to kill her, she never took a defeatist attitude. She believed that even when things were difficult, she would find a way to be happy.

4. Helpful

From her days as a lowly maid to the time she spent living with the dwarves, Snow White never shied away from lending a helping hand. Whether it was cleaning, cooking or coming to the aid of a haggardly old woman she was always willing to help. Some would argue that helping the old woman, the evil queen in disguise, proved that no good deed goes unpunished. Instead, consider that Snow White knew that she needed to guard against strangers, yet did not let her fear paralyze her from taking action when she thought her help was needed.

3. Cheerful

No matter what the situation, Snow White was always in an upbeat mood. Whether drawing water from a well as a maid, or finding herself surrounded by strange animals in the forest, or cleaning an impossibly dirty cabin for the dwarves, she was always singing and smiling and happy. This little princess is as happy wearing her rags as she is in her lovely dress. She shows us that even when faced with a difficult task, you can make things seem a little better when you have a positive attitude.

2. Persevering

Yes, Snow White knew how to persevere. She was a princess forced to work as a maid, but she didn't give up on hope for a better life. She was left alone in the woods after being told that her stepmother wanted her dead, but she found a way to keep going. It's true that most of her real skills made her seem like a glorified housekeeper, but considering everything she'd been through we know she was more. The reason we don't think about her ability to be tough and carry on is that she never complains about her misfortune. But the fact that she keep going without complaint is why this was one of her most admirable qualities.

1. Kind

Most people faced with the same obstacles as Snow White would not emerge as kind people. When faced with constant injustice and hardships, most of us find it hard to maintain a caring attitude towards others. Consider how this fairy tale would change if Snow White had allowed her misfortune to harden her heart. Yes, she may have avoided eating a poisoned apple, but then perhaps her prince would not have found her. Or go back further, maybe if she'd been a brat towards the huntsman ordered to kill her, he might not have felt a sympathetic toward her. However, Snow White does remain kind to the end and this is why she eventually gets to live happily ever after.

Most of us would do well to take a cue from this sweet little princess and learn how to view life the way she did. While as adults it is hard to alter our habits to embrace a different outlook, fortunately it is easier for our children. So enjoy the classic tale of Snow White with your child and consider how you can teach them to embrace some of her best qualities.

Source by Michelle Muggli