Plasma is often described as the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquid, and gas. It is also sometimes described as an ionized gas i.e. a gas in which the energy level is so high that the electrons escape from the atoms. This results in soups of charged particles which are overall quasi-neutral.

Spontaneous Combustions in Space Plasma

Plasma tends to separate into different regions according to temperature, density and other physical properties. When this happens a “double-layer” or plasma sheath develops around these regions and a “plasma cell” is formed. A double layer is a structure in plasma that consists of two parallel electrostatic layers with opposite electrical charge. The two thin sheets of charge cause a strong electric field and a correspondingly abrupt change in voltage (or electrical potential) across the double layer. The charge distribution in a double layer is therefore very similar to the charge distribution in a capacitor. To that extent, a double layer acts like a capacitor.

Plasma cells moving relative to one another induce electric currents in each other, generating filamentary currents and forming electrical circuits. Prodigious amounts of electrical energy developed in one plasma cell may be carried over many billions of light years through these filamentary currents to burst suddenly (as an electrical discharge) from a very small and localized region. Nobel laureate Hannes Alfvén had proposed that, “…X-ray and gamma-ray bursts [in space] may be due to exploding double layers.” Furthermore, since the double layer gets energy from the entire circuit, the explosion can be far more energetic than expected from the energy that is locally present.

An electrical discharge in space is a sudden release of stored electrical or magnetic energy when the electromagnetic stress exceeds some threshold. In space plasma, cells containing different types of plasma develop double layers that play the role of energy-storing capacitors which can discharge their stored energy suddenly. These discharges are localized and are usually accompanied by violent processes such as rapid heating, ionization and the generation of prodigious amounts of electromagnetic radiation.


In electrical circuits, energy is stored in capacitors. The capacitor is important for its ability to quickly store and release electrical energy. Some of the highest energy experiments in the world are performed using large banks of charged capacitors to produce intense discharges.

A capacitor is made of two conductors separated by an insulator. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors and a reservoir of electrical energy forms. As the charge on the capacitor increases, the electric field between the conductors increases, placing a growing stress on the insulator. At some critical point, the insulator breaks down and the capacitor “short circuits,” releasing the stored electrical energy. Such breakdowns may destroy the capacitor. However, if the charging rate is slow the damage may repair itself as fresh insulating material (for example, air) rushes in. If the current is strong or the insulator weak, current will pass between the conducting plates, either steadily or in bursts.

Many natural systems on Earth form capacitors as well. For example, the Earth's surface and its ionosphere are two conducting layers which are separated by air – hence this system acts as a capacitor. A bolt of lightning is an electrical discharge within this system.

Capacitors in the Subtle Body

According to plasma metaphysics, the same phenomenon that occurs in space and on Earth can occur within our subtle bodies. It holds the view that our subtle bodies are composed of magnetic plasma or “magma” which generates filamentary currents that are also found in space plasma (see this author's article on Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web) and the low density magnetic plasma spheres that interpenetrate Earth (see this author's article on Acupuncture Meridians and the Terrestrial Spider Web) .

Plasma metaphysics observes that the center of the magma or bioplasma body (coinciding somewhat with the lower abdomen of the biomolecular body) contains a pool of the highest density charged magnetic plasma of heavy particles (originating from the fiery core of the subtle counterpart body of the Earth). (This is normally identified as “kundalini” or “Earth qi” in the metaphysical literature.) It is separated from a pool of lower density magnetic plasma of lighter particles of an opposite polarity near the head (this plasma can be identified loosely with “prana” and “Heaven qi” which mainly originates from the subtle counterpart body of the Sun). As noted above, plasma with different characteristics self-organize into “cells” with double-layers around themselves. Hence, a double layer develops within the torso of the bioplasma body separating the two types of plasma. This double layer operates as a capacitor.

Various types of instabilities have been seen to occur in double layers in laboratory plasmas. Unstable double layers generate oscillations across a wide frequency spectrum and are therefore often described as “noisy”. A lack of plasma stability may lead to a dramatic change in configuration and is often referred to in the literature as an “explosion” (and hence “exploding double layer”). These types of explosions were first observed in mercury arc rectifiers, used in high-power direct-current transmission lines, where the voltage drop across the device was seen to increase by several orders of magnitude. Just as exploding double layers in space cause a burst of energy, drawing energy from the connecting circuits, it is not inconceivable that the double layers in our magma or bioplasma bodies would do the same, drawing energy from the circuits identified as “meridians” in Chinese acupuncture.

In Chinese Qigong studies, qi is said to accumulate in specific areas – identified as “qi vessels” (also sometimes called “qi reservoirs”). There are eight of these qi vessels; four of the most important vessels lie within the torso – including two at the lower abdominal region. These vessels act like the capacitors in electrical circuits which store electrical charge, according to Dr Yang Jwing-Ming – an authority on Qigong. From the perspective of plasma metaphysics, these vessels are plasma cells containing different types of plasma with double layers around them which act like capacitors.

A capacitor can supply a large burst of power during a brief period. For example, in cameras, a capacitor is discharged quickly through a flash bulb, lighting the bulb brightly for an instant. In “capacitor discharge welding”, a bank of capacitors is charged and then the discharged current is applied across the joint between the work pieces. A high temperature phenomenon, accompanied by blinding light, seals the joints. This type of welding method has also been used to shrink objects.

How does it Happen?

Ordinarily, a coherent magnetic plasma (or “magma”) body is protected by a transparent or translucent (double-layered) membrane around the ovoid which protects the body because it provides a resistance to the currents in the magnetic plasma spheres that interpenetrate Earth. (These currents are often described as “ley lines” or “dragon lines” in the metaphysical literature. In plasma metaphysics they are identified more formally as “Birkeland currents” i.e. currents that arise from charged particles coursing through magnetic field lines. The first complete map of “Birkeland currents” in the Earth's polar region was developed in 1974 from satellite-borne magnetic field observations.)

However, a magma body can become fragmented due to an undisciplined wandering mind. This happens when plasma with different physical properties and pulsating at different frequencies within the body separate into different regions forming plasma cells. Forces are generated from the separations which cause a pressure to develop on the membrane. This results in stresses and strains which can rupture the protective insulating membrane and reduce its resistance to the external currents. This allows strong currents in the environment to “leak” into the magma body in an uncontrolled manner. The charge from the currents accumulates within the capacitors in the lower physical-etheric body. As the charge builds-up, the electric field between the conductors increases. When the threshold is reached an electrical discharge, lasting only a split-second, occurs in the magma body. If this magma body is the lower physical-etheric body it can impact the physical-biomolecular body, causing it to suddenly combust. (The dominant left brain's discriminatory and analytical thought processes in human beings, associated with the acquisition of language, are primarily implicated in the fragmentation of the plasma body. Other animals, on the other hand, have not developed the neural processes associated with left brain activity to any significant extent comparable to humans.)

In spontaneous human combustions the burns are not distributed evenly over the body – the extremities are usually untouched by fire but the torso suffers severe burning. In many cases, the torso is completely destroyed, the bones being completely reduced to ash. This is not surprising as the most important capacitors in the lower physical-etheric body can be identified in the torso. An uncontrolled huge electrical discharge from any of these capacitors can cause a spontaneous combustion of a significant portion of the physical-biomolecular body – radiating out from the torso.

The energies of our subtle (high energy) magma bodies far exceed anything the biomolecular body can withstand. In spontaneous human combustions the rate of total body burning is much faster than in the hottest crematoriums. Almost no fire damage is done to other objects in the vicinity of the body. Often the victims' clothes are untouched by the fire. Hence, it is highly localized – just like in situations involving electrical discharges in space plasma or a bolt of lightning. The evidence also points to a situation where the fire starts from “within”. The lower physical-etheric body is an extension of the physical-biomolecular body and is capable of generating a highly energetic burst of energy at high frequencies resulting in a highly localized ‘subtle fire' that appears to erupt from within the physical-biomolecular body.

Electrical Discharges during Meditation and Prayer

“‘Real Yoga' is as dangerous to an impure and undisciplined body as a match to a cask of gunpowder.” – Annie Besant

In the meditative state of one-pointedness (also known as “hot” meditation or “active” meditation under the Newberg-Aquili model) or in qigong exercises, a person opens himself or herself up to absorb energy from the environment. Ruptures in the membrane of the magma body of an undisciplined person reduce the resistance of the magma body to external currents. If unsupervised by a teacher, a prodigious amount of current may leak into the magma body of the undisciplined and unsuspecting meditator. This energy will accumulate in an uncontrolled manner in the torso. When the electromagnetic stress exceeds a certain threshold, the current is discharged in a brief moment and a spontaneous human combustion occurs in extreme cases. In order to reduce the risk of this happening, meditators should go on to more energetic exercises in a gradual manner under the supervision of a more experienced person.

“Your body must be able to withstand the high voltage of this energy. Some of the delicate sinews of your body may be damaged if the voltage is too high for you to bear.” – Osho (formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

Uncontrolled surges of electromagnetic energy during meditation or prayer can damage the cells of the physical-biomolecular body. If it is close to any vital organ such as the heart, it can cause death. If it is near the brain, it can cause a breakdown of neural processes which may result in insanity. It can lead to spontaneous combustion of certain parts of the body. It is important in these cases to interrupt or absorb any flows of charged particles (or currents) from the body.

According to Osho, a modern mystic, the use of wooden platforms for meditation had no other purposes than the fact that they were poor conductors of electricity. Deer and leopard skins were also frequently used for the same purpose: so that electromagnetic energy that is released during meditation does not damage the internal organs of the physical-biomolecular body. “A man can be killed by this electric shock,” said Osho. “Therefore, the sadhak [or Yoga practitioner] puts on wooden sandals and slept on a wooden platform.”

Can it Happen to You?

EEG studies show that the hypnotic state is not a form of sleep. In fact, it is a form of focused altertness, with increased attention in one area and reduced attention in other areas – much like the meditative state of one-pointedness.

You may not feel like you are in a trance or in hypnosis. For most people they simply feel relaxed. Scientists say that people who lose themselves in a movie, a book, or a day-dream are probably experiencing a mild form of self-hypnosis. In fact, all of us pass through brief periods of hypnosis every day just prior to falling asleep and once again immediately before waking-up completely. Hence, the same risk of a spontaneous human combustion or damage due to uncontrolled electromagnetic discharges from the lower physical-etheric body will exist when you are absorbed in a day-dream or TV program; or when you are just waking-up or going to sleep – as when you are meditating.

For most people, however, this risk would be low as generally our subtle bodies, composed of dark matter, only weakly interact with our biomolecular bodies, composed of ordinary matter. For unsupervised regular meditators who deliberately interact with their lower physical-etheric body in a persistent and forceful way (and whose subtle bodies are generally fragmented and pulsating at different rates), this risk may be higher.

The Borderline – “Gray” Matter

Based on our current understanding of interactions between dark and ordinary matter, electromagnetic interactions are generally ruled-out. Nevertheless, there is no reason not to posit a class of objects which are on the borderline between dark and ordinary matter, such as the cosmic filaments discussed in the author's article Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web. These gray matter objects, at the threshold between dark and ordinary matter, are generally invisible. However, ordinary matter which condenses around them gives out detectable radiation. Alternatively, gray matter objects may experience temporary falls in energy levels which enable them to emit lower frequencies associated with ordinary matter. Or a combination of both may occur. (Hence, gray matter objects can cross the borderline between ordinary and dark matter intermittently or under special conditions.)

Objects in the lower physical-etheric plane are such gray matter objects. According to the metaphysical literature, the lower physical-etheric plane is an extension of the physical-dense plane. Hatha Yoga, general Qigong practices and Chinese acupuncture are associated primarily with the lower physical-etheric body. Electrical discharges from the lower physical-etheric body can therefore impact the physical-biomolecular body electromagnetically, intermittently or under special conditions.

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