A company that locks its clients into cookie cutter opportunities does not recognize individuality and the importance of being all things to all people. Having the option to choose channel lineups, where and how shows are watched, package deals, etc., is the first mark of an excellent TV service. Channel lineups fulfill varying customer interests and keep consumers from paying for channels they aren't interested in.

The power to choose is a privilege, but can also be a daunting task with some channel packages boasting 290 options. Luckily, making a list of programs you are interested in has never been easier. Lineup options allow clients to simply check the box next to the channels they desire. This helps customers wade through their options and avoid overpaying. A TV service that offers these choices, along with the tools to organize channels, is the first way to know you have found a good service.


Where we find time to watch television and how we watch it has changed drastically in the past five years, and any service provider who doesn't take this fact into account is not worth your time. Accessibility means watching shows, sporting events, the news, and more-basically watching anything on your own terms. True accessibility speaks to everyone's needs, from the college student who wants to catch up on his favorite show from a mobile phone while doing laundry, to the single mother who needs to occupy her two and three year old while she fills out paperwork at an afternoon doctor's visit, to the grandfather who had to “miss” his basketball game because of a grandchild's piano recital. Without the ability to record and access your favorite shows and games to watch when it's convenient for you, the power to choose the channels you want becomes irrelevant. This is the second major way you know that you have opted for the best TV service.

Package Deals and the Need for Speed

The last way to determine top-notch service from mediocrity is packaging options. Booking phone, the Internet, and television services with the same company offers the most efficient one-stop shop experience. If this is not the case, you will waste time and money. Excellent bundling means providing a variety of combinations with varying degrees of each service: phone, Internet, and television alike. This flexibility allows that grandfather who got to watch his basketball game after the recital to push the delete button on the Internet service he is not interested in using and apply those saved funds to more channels.

Similarly, the household with avid gamers will want to opt for the package with the highest Mbps (megabits per second). Mbps can be defined as the download or upload speed of an Internet connection. Basically, the more Mbps you pay for, the faster your household will transfer files. The need for speed and the desire for more channels can be met based on the package deal the consumer decides to purchase. Informed consumers know how to recognize good service when they see it. Keeping these three features in mind will help you make the best choices regarding your TV service in the future.

Source by Andrew Stratton