Promoted by manufacturers home and abroad, market share of LED backlight liquid crystal televisions has been under a sharp increase. According to a survey, it has taken on an outburst increase with its penetrating rate from 3.7% in the first half of the year to 10.6% in June.

Not every new technology and new products can able to please the market, as a hot topic and a best-seller, LED backlight TV has experienced a dramatically increase and there are some reasons. First is that advantages of it meet the market. With the development of its technical skills and industries related, LED has already made progress in problems like life span and brightness. Therefore, it has been a hot topic which draws attention from manufacturers to promote. In articles before, they introduce the advantages that LED TV has compared with CCFL light sources.

Next is that technical progress promote the market. As an important part in electronic industry, technology related has promoted the continuous updating of television industry, from the most traditional CRT panel television to the current LED backlight one. Besides, demands from management and marketing strategies promote the power of promoting. As the continuous decreasing in price, benefits of manufacturers found an impetus, and only to realize technical and productive updating, will a healthy profit become a reality.

The current situation for LED backlight televisions is facing some problems. One is that core technology is still needed while developing a new technique. Besides, there is still short of an ability for LED production that is badly need at present. Related chip is: UFT1220.

Source by Michelle Jone