What is an Auria TV?

Most people have never heard of Auria TV's and that is not surprising. This type of HD TV is not well known, and you could even say barely known by most people around the world. What Auria is trying to do is position itself as a good alternative HDTV for people that cannot afford to buy the higher price high definition televisions.

And for the most part they do a pretty good job. Reviews of the Auria HD Televisions have been fairly good, surprisingly good for a TV that most of you have never heard of of. We will take a look at one of the better models of Auria TV's, the AURIA EQ2288F 22″ LCD HDTV below.

Auria EQ2288F 22″ LCD HDTV

The Auria HDTV that is probably best known is the EQ2288F LCD model. This is a model that has received some pretty complimentary reviews by many people that have bought it so we will tell you a little bit more about it.

This is an LCD HDTV, not a plasma TV, so the contrast ratios are not going to be what a person would get from a quality plasma HDTV. But then again you are not going to be paying even close to the price you would pay for a high end plasma TV or even a high end LCD HDTV.

We have a link to more information below if you would like to read a more in depth review of the Auria EQ2288F LCD HDTV. But within this article we will give you some of the common positives and negatives that we have heard and seen from this TV.

The picture quality of the Auria EQ2288F 22″ LCD HDTV

One of the common praises of this TV is that the picture quality is really good, the quality actually seems to surprise many of the people that have purchased or tested this TV. They seem to think that because the TV is not expensive compared to other HDTV brands that the picture will not be very good.

We are not sure why anyone would buy a TV if they didn't think the picture would be good, but apparently people do! But the picture quality is routinely praised by most people that buy this TV. It is not going to be as good as the top end HDTV's but you probably know that already, but the picture is good.

Sound seems to be the major issue with some people

The one complain you here from a number of people that have bought this TV is that the sound can sound really cheap when they first get it. But usually those problems are resolved once you go into the audio tuning and make some adjustments. It seems at that point that most people think the audio is fine.

Should you buy the Auria TV?

It depends. If you have a budget that would allow you to buy a more expensive better HDTV then by all means you should probably look at the more expensive BETTER TV's! But if you are looking for a good quality HDTV that doesn't cost a lot the Auria TV's are a good choice…and maybe a much better choice than you think.

Source by Chery McLean