The BDI Cielo range is not only a brilliant and ground-breaking TV stand, but a fine-looking piece of living room furniture in it's own right. The BDI Cielo 9329 creates a bespoke image of quality featuring a unique curved wooden frame finished elegantly with espresso on oak. Equally suited to housing modern TV's or more traditional electrical equipment.

So the BDI Cielo 9329 certainly looks the business but how well is it constructed? Initial testing impresses the frame seems very solid and does not show any signs of give when pressure is applied, there is certainly none of the trademark creaking of some cheaper television stands. The framework is supported by steel supports and provide excellent rigidity. The glass is heavy due to the tempered safety glass, these stands are clearly built to last.

The intelligent design of the BDI Cielo 9329 gives you flexibility when housing your components. A particularly good feature of this design is a small adjustable shelf located in the centre of the stand designed specifically for a centre speaker, providing maximum sound quality and maintaining tidiness. The BDI Cielo range is equipped with a large cable management system providing an easy solution to hiding all that wiring.

So we have established the BDI Cielo 9329 is an outstanding product, is it good value for money? It can be found at a reasonable price from some retailers. Now £600 is not cheap for a TV stand, but the BDI Cielo 9329 is so much more than just an item to support your television, it really is a beautiful piece of furniture in it's own right, and when you consider the beauty and build quality of this product £600 is very, very reasonable. If you are looking for a cheap solution this is not for you, but if you want a quality piece of kit which looks the business, performs superbly and is built to last then the BDI Cielo 9329 could be exactly what you are looking for.

BDI Cielo 9329/EO

o Recommended TV Size: up to 62” Flat Panel or Rear Projection TV

o Top Shelf Capacity: 102kg

o Adjustable Shelf Capacity: 27kg

o Bottom Shelf Capacity: 45kg

o Width: 1520mm

o Height: 520mm

o Depth: 470mm


Source by Paul N Murphy