A move to a nursing home doesn't have to mean a move away from the luxuries of a normal home. Take cable TV, for example; if an older adult is a big fan of daytime soaps, the evening news or prime-time dramas, they don't have to lose access to their favorite programming simply because they're moving into an assisted living facility. There are bulk cable TV providers available that can make it easy and cost-effective for you to provide your nursing home residents with the cable TV programming they've been watching for years, so that they can keep a bit of consistency as they make their big move.

What is bulk cable TV, you ask? It's television channels available for purchase at wholesale prices. You can pick out the channels you want to provide your residents, and pay a flat-fee for each unit that receives programming. Some companies group channels into categories, and allow you to pick as few or as many channels you want out of a category for one low, flat rate per unit. For instance, if you run a small nursing home where 30 units will receive programming, you could pick as many channels as you'd like out of a particular category, and pay a flat fee per month for each unit.

When controlling bulk cable television service for an assisted living facility, you can also be granted the power to upgrade individual nursing home residents with certain upgrades and channels. Some companies utilize DirecTV for their bulk cable TV service, so it is called the “DirecTV Upgrade System” with those providers. With this feature, if a certain resident wants access to a channel that is not offered by your nursing home by default, you can upgrade them and add that channel to their lineup.

Another feature that some bulk cable TV providers offer to such facilities is built-in access to the Internet, with a way for residents to contact a nurse or resident assistant if necessary. This is a great way to cut down on the number of companies you're paying; by combining multiple services into one through your TV service.

If you're looking to provide your nursing home residents with the cable TV experience they've grown accustomed to, you can help them adjust by giving them a bit of consistency during one of the biggest moves of their lives. A bulk cable TV service can help you accomplish this in the most cost-effective way possible.

Source by Shawn Farner