Due to the vast variety electronic goods in the market today, I know it can make a buying decision a difficult one. Especially so when it comes to our greatest entertainment product, the good old television. Here are my personal top four picks when it comes to buying an LCD tv at affordable prices:

1. Samsung's Series 4 LCD HDTVs are a great option. Their black levels are not that high, but they are substantially darker than other LCDs of the same price. The resolution is not that high: only 720p. However, for a 32-inch TV that resolution is ideal as it does not get as stretched out.

2. Toshiba's 32-inch REGZA 32CV510U, has also become popular: this series also includes a 37-inch model. The major caveat with these TVs seems to be that its colors tend to become less precise and more inaccurate. However, many say that its black levels make up for this flaw. Furthermore, this LCD TV is also supposed to have a surprisingly smooth HD signal processing for this price.

3. Vizio is known to deliver the greatest performance for its price. The VO47LF, a 1080p HDTV in particular has amassed a lot of favorable reviews for its ease of use and picture quality. Vizio's XVT series are known to be the first to provide features such as a high refresh rate and complementary signal processing at a budget price. These series includethe 47-inch Vizio SV470XVT and the 42-inch Vizio SV420XVT. The criticism that its blacks are not as satisying can be countered by the praise for its color accuracy.

4. Although AOC is more widely associated with computer monitors as opposed to LCD TVs, there is still some notable praise for the AOC Envision L32W761. Its color accuracy as well as picture quality are impressive for its price. There is the problem, however, of the out-of-the-box picture quality not being as good. However, some research into usage turns up the recommended settings that can alleviate the problem.

These suggestions for budget-friendly LCD TVs are ordered according to the reputation of the brand. While brand trustworthiness and reliability are important, do not be afraid to look beyond the mainstream producers. As time progresses the prices for these LCD TVs are bound to fall even more, making them even a more economical investment. So do not let budget constraints deter you: do further research on the best deal for your needs and enjoy the viewing experience.

Source by Carena Sarah James