If you, like many others, want to take full advantage of higher-tech televisions on a limited budget, then you need look no further than flat screen TVs. I've had one for a few years now and really wouldn't be without it. Why? Well even though it's similar technically to the old cathode ray tube sets, flat screen TVs have far better picture quality. As a sideline they also look smarter, slimmer, and more of a 21st century innovation.

Although the prices of flat screen TVs have dropped and continue to drop significantly, you'll still pay a bit more for them than the conventional kind. And given the latest offerings out there boasting plasma and LCD screens, a flat screen is more within the average person's reach than before, having been superseded by superior technology. And since it will doubtless take time for these top of the range models to become commonplace, I'm perfectly content meantime with my flat screen set.

One of the best places to purchase consumer electronics like televisions and other gadgets is not, in fact, a mall or high street store at all, but a wholesale warehouse retailer. OK, they may not necessarily boast a great range of TVs, but what they do normally have is a couple of samples of each kind of the latest technology, including flat screen TVs at a price you can afford. And while their prices may not always beat their rivals', they will at least be more or less comparable with the best prices out there, so you're assured of value for money on your purchase.

I have to admit to a fondness for wholesale warehouse retailer shopping, with a keen eye for their latest stocks and bargains on all kinds of electrical goods. If nothing else, it's a useful guide to price variations. In point of fact I've had my beady on their flat screen TVs of late, and when I spotted a 32 inch Panasonic on offer for less than I'd splashed out for my aged 26 inch old-style CRT model, I simply had to give in!

So, if your old cathode ray set has seen better days and you feel it's high time for an upgrade but are reluctant to splash out extravagantly on a plasma TV or LCD set, flat screen TVs are absolutely my personally recommended alternative. Not only will they smarten up your home with their sleek looks, but you'll get an enhanced viewing experience without a corresponding wipeout of your bank balance. Surely there have to be a few plusses there! See http://www.BestFlatScreenTV.net for a wide choice.

Source by Jay Rich