Since many households will be trading in their old TVs for fancy new digital ones, doesn't it makes sense that it's time to also trade in the VHS system for a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)? This device actually works like VCR and will record shows (and let you watch a show while taping another) at the click of a button, just like a VCR. The primary difference is that the DVR system uses an HDR, or Hard Disk Recorder, and digitally records all of your favorite programs. These systems record programming in real time. There are no tapes to buy, nor to rewind or fast-forward. You have hundreds of hours to spare as opposed to six at a time. The DVR also lets you record shows in real-time. That means that you can pause or rewind the show at any point during the program. Why you can even pause live TV while you go out for a soda!

This device is sold separately from a cable or satellite receiver, though some companies may give you a free one by promotion. To install it, you hook your cable or satellite line to the DVR device and then plug it into a nearby electrical outlet, just as you would a VCR. Now, if you choose to keep your VCR when you make the upgrade you may have to take additional steps for installation. Some viewers may want a VCR, DVR and DVD system all hooked up at the same time. After all, VHS tapes are selling at cheaper costs than ever before!

How many hours of use does the recording device give you? Cable companies and satellite providers may differ, but for the most part these devices contain about 300 hours of space to record all of your favorite programs. As stated DVRs do give you the option of rewinding and pausing live shows. How about fast-forwarding? Obviously live TV cannot be fast-forwarded! However, recorded programs and on-demand movies can be fast-forwarded just as with a prerecorded DVD.

Another nice option for satellite and cable DVRs is that of channel searching capabilities. This is a unique option that stretches far beyond the realm of recording technology and truly creates an interactive menu of entertainment for home viewers. Some satellite and cable providers now have an interactive guide of programs currently playing, which you can program in order to find specific series or movies. You can search an entire lineup for one particular actor, such as Nicole Kidman or Jamie Foxx, and instantly view one of these shows. In addition, you can search by director or even by topic. Therefore, if the family is in the mood for a good gangster flick they could either (a) search for Godfather, (b) search for Coppola or Scorsese, or (C) search for Robert DeNiro. (And if your family is searching for Godfather movies, then it's best not to argue over the remote)

Some satellite and cable providers are even branching out into online programming, where users can control the DVR system from their cell phones or PDAs. Now is the time to order premium television and enjoy feature programming the way the stars do.

Source by Zach Roush