Sandra has the long face which indicates she is assertive, belligerent, inventive, resourceful, and a leader. She feels fear. Works best independently, and has to learn self-confidence.

Forehead is domed and high. She is creative in her thinking, with intelligence. She had a good childhood and is close to her parents.

Her eyebrows curved, long low and elegant. She is informal with a quick mind and will live a long life. She likes her world to be peaceful and calm. She is a systematic thinker, with a delicate metabolism.

The large brown eyes are emotional and charismatic. The upper lid shows she has a strong need for bonding and intimacy. The lower lid shows she has a strong sexual appetite. Her eyes are pointed on the inside indicating an uneven fortune around mid life. The peacock shaped eyes show her emotions, charm, and jealousy. They are set far apart denoting she is tolerant.

The turned up high nose shows she likes to help, be of service, accepting, gullible. Her work needs to be emotionally satisfying. The closed nostrils shows she takes risks and is independent. She is conservative in her spending. The nose dimple indicates she had difficulty finding her niche in life.

The large mouth shows she is confident and an extrovert. The full lips indicate she is expressive, generous and sensuous. She has a great capacity for love. The lower lip is thicker showing she is a good speaker and persuasive. The mouth doesn't close completely, which is a sign of promiscuity. She has a straight lip line, which shows she is reliable and trustworthy.

The large ears are set back on her head showing she needs to work on her self-confidence. She is receptive and willing to listen.

The left side of the face (personal) appears guarded. The left eye looks stark, almost glazed. The right side (professional) appears more relaxed. The right eye is more open and receptive.

Source by Kathy Thompson