LED TV is on the move! As they become more readily available and prices fall, sales are increasing at the expense of LCD TV particularly but Plasma sets as well. And to be honest it's not difficult to see why this trend is happening. In my opinion there are some very good reasons why in terms of the benefits that come with upgrading (yes, that is the right word), to a LED TV

For the technically minded the main difference is that they LED lights rather than CCFLs – and it is the use of LED lights that offer the energy efficiency that all the manufacturers push so hard on us! In all seriousness though, the energy saving is real and can be as much as 40%.

I guess we have all got used to the pace of advancement in technology now. We're used to it with our PCs and Laptops, the same is true in HD TV technology. The pace of advancement over the last two years has been spectacular. And the major area that manifests itself is in the picture quality. You only have to view a LED TV (especially a 1080p, 240 Hz with a high contrast ratio) and you will notice a fair degree of improvement, certainly over early version LCD and Plasma TV sets.

This is mainly because the LEDs, (or light-emitting diodes to give them their full name), as well as saving energy, also provide a brighter image. This is because they provide a better quality of white light, apparently it's something to do with holistic spectrums (which I don't pretend to understand).

Another major benefit of LED TV versus LCD is screen life. It's long been known that LCD screens lose their brightness, sharpness and suffer from motion blur. The issue with Plasma screens has historically been screen burn. I had an early LG Plasma and after just a couple of years there were signs of screen burn. Now a few more years down the road the sports channel frames are well burnt in! It's still a decent picture, but our new LED blows it away in terms of image quality, brightness and contrast.

However, swap to a LED screen and you will have an extended screen life with the picture quality remaining much stronger and brighter for much longer.

This is another benefit of the better quality light that is produced by a LED lit TV. Of course another benefit of this
better quality of light is that the colors on the screen are that much more vivid and bright. With that brightness comes a contrast that can beat anything older HD TV sets can offer.

If you can get a set that includes “local dimming” (where the black parts of the image actually turn off so are the deepest black imaginable) then the contrast is further enhanced. You can only get this local dimming feature on LED lit TV sets.

The high quality images and general picture quality are, I believe, the main benefit of LED TV.

The way LED lighting is set up on the new sets offer a design advantage in that the screen can be made ultra-thin. This makes design very elegant indeed! Now brands like Sony, LG and Samsung are also introducing the ultra thin bezel (surround) as well. These new sets look quite different and the thin surround seems to make 3D (where you have it) stand out even further into your viewing area. It also makes them rather attractive pieces of furniture even when they're switched off!

Most of the current LED TV sets released on to the market have high gloss screens. Now you may think this would give a reflection, like some of the early Plasmas, but they don't. The screens are designed to enhance the picture by making it just that little bit brighter and more vibrant. The glossy screens are also longer lasting as well, so helping to add further to your TV sets longevity.

And the final benefit of the advances in technology is that most new TVs now include Internet Apps and integral wi-fi (it's about time on this second issue by the way). This means that you can stream content from the Internet (in HD from some sources) and connect up almost any device you want.

In short these advances make your TV set a hub or entertainment centre for the entire family. This technology gives you access to incredible archives of content be it movies, any TV show ever made and of course online content like Netflix, YouTube etc. Nowadays you really do not need to leave the home for entertainment as with one of the latest LED TV sets, it's all at your fingertips.

So, there are a whole host of incredible benefits to upgrading yourself to LED TV. These include high outstanding quality picture, energy savings, wireless communication and stunning design and endless content. This is a quantum leap forward in home entertainment and now prices are starting to drop, I think it's fair to assume LED TV is here to stay.

Source by Derek Armson