For most people, the television is the definition of their household. Getting only the best sets would do – and the LG 50PQ3000 will not disappoint you with your viewing experience. Featuring a 50″ wide screen plasma display set in glossy black cabinet, this is a great plasma that would be a great addition to your home theater or your gaming room. Most people prefer buying LCD TVs, but only plasma TVs can truly equal great-looking deep blacks with very nice contrasts, providing great picture each time you watch something on them.

The LG 50PQ3000 is HD ready, with 1365 x 768p native resolution so you get to see things in rich detail – whether you are watching your favorite TV show over its built-in TV tuners, enjoying your favorite movie or playing your favorite game with its 3 HDMI ports. You can also connect your PC on its 50″ widescreen display, or pop in your USB flash drive or card reader to see your pictures or listen to your own MP3s.

Its HDMI ports support 30-bit, 36-bit and 48-bit colors, therefore reproducing great colors and gradients smoothly without looking too sharp. Moreover, its 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio assures you that you get the greatest detail possible in dark scenes, delivering deep blacks and shadows which are life-like.

Aspect ratios can be corrected via the LG 50PQ3000's 8 modes: 16:9, Just Scan, Original, Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom, and Cinema Zoom 1. This is quite helpful for optimizing the 50″ widescreen display, and make sure that you are using the whole screen for a totally new viewing experience. In addition, it also features TruMotion which shows motions smoothly, without the blur. A higher refresh rate makes sure that you get fluid-like actions without blurring the picture, enabling a smoother flow even in high-action scenes.

If you think that plasma TVs eat energy, then the this LG Plasma would make you think otherwise. It is equipped with LG's Intelligent Sensor 2 which automatically adjusts your TV's settings in accordance to your environment's lighting, therefore effectively calibrating picture and increasing power savings.

The LG 50PQ3000 also lets you watch up to 48 digital TV channels without any and satellite dishes via FreeView. You get to listen to 24 digital radio stations, as well, so you get to enjoy your plasma TV straight out of the box – without worries of cable service, satellite services or external antennas.

It also features two 10-watt speakers with SRS TruSurround XT, so you are not required to have a home theater system just to enjoy watching TV – it effectively spans the audio as if everything is live in front of you. It also has Clear Voice II, which detects human voices and heightens their volume and clarity. The results are more audible human conversations, simultaneously providing great audio background.

Users can choose from 5 audio modes: Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport and Game. Each one is specifically optimized for each situation, harnessing the features and capabilities of the LG 50PQ3000. The LG 50PQ3000 certainly lets you discover plasma TVs in a different, but definitely good way


Source by Andrew Emerson