A review gives you an idea about the product and in this LG 55LW9500 review, an attempt is made to highlight the key features of 55LW9500. If you are planning to buy 55LW9500, then you should know that you are purchasing a TV set with full 1080p HD 3D technology. Let's begin this LG 55LW9500 Review with the exterior of this captivating TV. It is a TV set in a striking combination of a matte and a silver finish. It has a matte finish frame and a silver finishing on the outer edges, which is introduced by LG for the first time.

55LW9500 offers you around 120 Internet Apps along with 20 other premium services like Vudu®, Netflix®, Blockbuster®, Hulu, Amazon VOD, DailyMotion®, etc. It has an exciting offer called “I-play” for gamers. In addition, it offers you web browsing via proprietary LG and Plex platforms.

No need to go to cinemas if you have brought LG 55LW9500 because it offers you 1080p Dynamic 3D experience right in your living room, which is what you were waiting for. Along with this, 55LW9500 offers you unlimited features of Smart TV and LG's NANO Full LED display. This means that it offers you an extraordinary brighter and smoother picture quality. NANO is a superior technology that offers a higher resolution per eye during 3D viewing, which means a finer and detailed image with true LED backlit.

Moreover, its film screen panel offers you 288 zones of local dimming capability, which is really incredible. Today, thinner TV's are in demand and 55LW9500 is very thin at only.8″ depth, which means you can easily mount it on your wall. In regular TV sets, motion blurring is a common problem that pinches users a lot during fast-paced scenes. But, LG 55LW9500 has removed this problem with TruMotion 480Hz refresh rates.

If you buy 55LW9500, you will get Wifi adapter and the uber cool Magic Wand remote absolutely free. You can enjoy unlimited Internet Apps with this Magic Wand remote. It is 1080p along with Wi Fi connectivity. Moreover, its magic wand remote at CES 2011 has impressively flexible functionality, unlike other remotes.

If you want to convert from 2D to 3D, then it is possible on LG 55LW9500. In short, 55LW9500 from the house of LG offers you unlimited features which you were seeking for. So if you are looking for a 3D TV this year, you better give LW9500 a shot.

Source by Tom Bab