In your network marketing business, there are two ways of prospecting: persuasion and manipulation. You can manipulate your prospects to get them into your deal, but they will quit soon afterward. Alternatively, you can persuade your prospects to join your network marketing company as business partners, and they will stick with you for a lifetime.

Obviously, if you are looking for recurring residual income and you are looking to help people, then you need to understand persuasion versus manipulation. Basically, the classic advertisement you see on TV is a form of manipulation: advertisers manipulate you and mess up your mind until you buy, but after you buy and receive the product you discover that it is not what you had expected, and you commit yourself to never buying from TV again. Does this sound familiar?

In your marketing network company, are you trying to manipulate or persuade your prospects? I am going to give you four tactics of manipulation, and hopefully, you will learn them in order to resist being manipulated and manipulating other people. As I mentioned before, using these network marketing tips will help you to grow a lasting business, not a short-lived one.

A manipulator uses the following four tactics:

(1) they look for a hungry victim;

(2) they set deadlines in order to create urgency and to impede critical thinking and judgment;

(3) they use fear of loss; and

(4) they look like a benevolent authority.

Basically, they create what they call “the urgency to buy.” A manipulator in network marketing using purely direct marketing tactics succeeds in getting his bank account filled at the expense of other people. A manipulator is a vampire sucking other people's blood. A manipulator doesn't care what you think after you join because he has already gotten your money. A manipulator succeeds in building checks but never gets to enjoy residual income.

Sponsoring an affiliate using hard manipulative closing techniques leaves the new affiliate with some type of resentment against you. Is that the type of relationship you are looking to build with a business partner?

In your network marketing business you want to persuade people so that after they join they feel even better and they stick around forever. A persuader may use similar tactics as a manipulator, but his intentions are always for the good of his prospects. The final end of persuasion is mutual, lasting satisfaction. In order to be a master persuader for success in network marketing, keep your intentions in check.

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