LG has done it again. The electronics world recently saw the launch of the LG range of IP TVs that are designed to be used as a television and a computer monitor. These revolutionary televisions (or computer monitors) come under two model names; LG DM2752 and M2752.

The LG DM2752 is a 27 inch 3D version that has a 1080 p resolution allowing for an amazing viewing experience not just while watching a movie or your favorite shows but also while having a video chat or playing a game. The 3D feature will now make communication with family and loved ones who are far away much more lifelike now with this television. The TV also has wide viewing angles so that the viewer sees the entire picture just as it is meant to be seen. The surround sound feature makes it more lifelike not only when the users watch videos but also when they talk to someone over the internet, the voice clarity and the surround sound feeling will definitely add a lot to online conversations now.

The unit is available only in the color black. It is an LCD with 16:9 aspect ratios. The contrast ratio is 5000000 * 1 with a horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees. It has built-in picture to picture software that will bring a smile to all those who want to work and play at the same time and two speakers that offer the surround sound, making work more enjoyable as the fun doesn't have to be given up completely.

There are 7 input ports that make this TV extremely friendly for users who like to use a variety of media. There is one port for Composite video input, one for Component video input; two ports for HDMI which makes it very easy to attach gaming consoles and free view boxes to be connected at the same time, one for VGA (D-sub) inputs, one for the analog audio input, and one for the USB. With all these options, nothing seems to be left out. There are two outputs in the unit; one for the digital optical audio and the other for headphones, so it is also possible to use the television as the computer monitor while only you want to talk to someone, or watch something on the TV or the internet. The feature for USB quick view which also helps as it eliminates the need to boot up the computer before the users can watch media from the USB.

With its great design and excellent features, this TV (or computer monitor) is definitely the next in thing, and on second thoughts, it also saves the space of having two screens in the house.

Source by Palak D Singhal