The TX-L32E5B is one of Panasonic's new LED TVs from the 2012 VIERA range. It doesn't the have the 3D capabilities and functions of its larger brethren but it still packs a punch. Read on for more info on this cracking 32 inch set.

The Panasonic TX-L32E5B uses technology called Backlight Scanning. This gives it a picture refresh rate of 150 Hz with a mega contrast ratio. It has an IPS LED screen giving you crystal clear clarity through the full range of the spectrum so you get bright colours and deep blacks whilst viewing. You get smooth and crisp images every time even when the tempo increases on-screen.

One of the bonuses in having a 32 inch LED TV is that it will fit nicely in any room without looking out of place or incongruous. The TX-L32E5B is big enough for the lounge but compact enough for a bedroom or kitchen. Yet you still get a fantastic Full HD 1080p screen quality whether watching Blu-ray discs or using the Freeview HD tuner. Several high definition channels are available these days for free without having to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider. These include BBC HD, ITV HD and 4 HD.

As the Panasonic TX-L32E5B is Wi-Fi ready and uses Panasonic's VIERA connect system there are a multitude of multimedia options at your disposal. Add a dongle to one of the two USB inputs and you have a world wide web of wireless entertainment to engross yourself in. Some of the Smart apps include BBC iPlayer, Facebook, LoveFilm, Twitter and YouTube with many more you can download for free. There are numerous apps for all ages and interests. If you're still not wireless at home then don't worry as there's an Ethernet port for you to connect and get online with.

The Panasonic TX-L32E5B is DLNA enabled so you can easily share, view, watch and listen to files from any PC or laptop in your network. The integrated SD card reader allows you to look at pictures from your digital camera, great for family gatherings. Things have developed and progressed a lot since the days of holiday snaps being shown on a projector! Similarly files and photos can be viewed from a memory stick via a USB port.

As you'd expect, the Panasonic TX-L32E5B has a plethora of connections and inputs/outputs. These include an optical digital output, component video input, composite video input, headphone output and the aforementioned brace of USBs. A quartet of HDMI inputs mean easy access to any high definition devices you may wish to hook up to.

From an aural perspective the TX-L32E5B offers a very respectable audio quality. This is helped by V-Audio Pro Surround sound emitting 20 Watts of power from the speakers. For the purists amongst you a soundbar will be the order of the day to improve the sound and get the bass so many flat screen televisions lack.

The Panasonic TX-L32E5B is a great choice if you're after a feature-packed yet user friendly 32 inch LED TV. Coming in around the £400 mark it's well worth considering.

Source by Philip Boardman