There are several LCD TVs these days prized for his or her outstanding image quality, slim profile and light-weight weight.We are ordinarily terribly reliable however like all alternative devices they'll conjointly bear from harm or faults thanks to our mistake or power surge and need to be repaired. We offer in home service for LCD TV repairing in Kolkata. once finishing the repairing work we that it guarantee can offers you the some image and sound quality because it was before, can perform same as new.


Looking for our service center close to Maine you're in Kolkata. Give home service for Work is done by skilled team United Nations agency will determine all the rationale of the matter you're facing can your Problem. Once rectifying the problems we insecure that can work same as new. Best a TV fix-it shop in Dumdum, Kolkata.

We offer services for repairing of any whole in any condition, We will solve all the issues like harm screens, image drawback, dead pixels, audio problems, brightness drawback and no power or the other drawback you're facing together with your LCD TV. We will simply repair of all major brands together with Samsung, Hitachi, VU, Videocon, Sansui, Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Onida etc.

We are proud in our team work for rectifying all the problems together with harm or cracked screens, no display, faulty image show, dead pixels, blur image problems, color drawback, audio problems, cracked or broken casings and power problems. We use solely original half. Our hot technical team provides home service for our service.

We conjointly give installation and Re-installation in Kolkata and metropolis. We offer warranty for the problem we resolved and adjusted elements whereas repairing LCD TV. Thus if you're facing drawback together with your best services from us.

We are perpetually there to serve you for repair service all over in Kolkata like around 554 R. N. Tagore Road, Kolkata – 700077. Near Dumdum Station.

We guarantee for our work, original elements and worth also are affordable. thus contact U.S. We attempt to repair and re-solve issues at your house. If need our workers can collect the Your TV, we repair it and re-install with none extra charges.

>> Ordinarily individuals suppose that is extremely pricey, however not any longer. The specialists at Advance Service (The LCD TV service center) are capable in resolution all the problems you're facing together with. Our service charges are terribly low. We will offer you in home repair services for repairing of any condition; we are going to offer you the simplest service for LCD TV Repair in Kolkata.

Source by Jagannath Barman